The Siblings Project | February 2017

Another month has passed (how?!) and the most noticeable difference from last month is seeing Lily’s frustration at not being able to crawl to Tyler. She wants to play with him sooooo much, but with him darting from room to room, she’s stuck on the floor. Hopefully she’ll be on the move soon. I really hope so, maybe she’ll be a happier sister then!


Tyler is caring as usual, putting the dummy in Lily’s mouth when she cries (even when she doesnt want it!). He loves waking in the morning and seeing her. She does cry in the night to be rocked back to sleep, which has been waking Tyler up. He doesn’t seem to mind though. Let’s hope she will sleep through the night one day, and then they can move into Tyler’s bedroom. Well I guess it will be called the kids’ bedroom then!


Lily’s been a good sister, coming along on the school run. She does cry being put in the buggy, but apart from that, she is happy being pushed with Tyler walking alongside. After school between 4-5pm is the most peaceful time when they just play alongside each other in the living room while I get their dinner ready. And then we have our 6pm baby disco time which they both love. We switch the big lights off, put the disco lights on and just bounce around the room to Kisstory with Lily gazing at us!


I forgot to get an ‘eating together’ photo of the two of them – next month!

Sabrina x


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