Corners Of My Home | The New Nursery Corner

I thought I would share another corner of my home – the nursery corner. We used to have Lily’s cot to the left of our bed (see here). It was by the door and I found this handy in the early month when she had lots of daytime naps. I could get on with whatever I was doing in the house and easily check up on her.

But since about 6 months, I found she would wake easily whenever I entered the room, the door would creak or I would accidentally brush against the cot. So about a month ago I swapped sides so the cot was actually in a corner by the wall, so hopefully her sleep would be less disturbed. Here is how it looks:

DSC05396 (640x480)

I really like how this corner looks now against the wall with my London print and the ‘Milk’ clock. The colours of the rainforest mobile pop out so well. Lily seems to like it as she has been sleeping better on this side of the room, only waking twice on a good night for a cuddle and a sip of water.

DSC05397 (640x480)DSC05400 (640x480)DSC05402 (640x480)

In front of the cot I have placed one of the bedside cabinets, which is useful for putting Lily’s bottle of water, spare dummys, teething gel, any bits and bobs she might need in the night. The other cabinet I moved to the other side of our bed, with the orange lamp.

This fits in the space perfectly between the cot and curtains. I love our grey curtains, they have a subtle herringbone pattern. And then I place cushions against them to get more light in the room.DSC05403 (640x480)

I took these photos last week when I had to pick up Tyler early from school, and he snuck into the bed while I was taking these photos. So both my kiddos are having a daytime nap here! I’d say swapping the room around has definitely got the thumbs up from them.

DSC05407 (640x480)

If you have to share a room with your baby, where do you put the cot in your room?

Sabrina x

PS People always ask me where I got the Tube Map duvet cover from – well it was from Argos!


7 responses to “Corners Of My Home | The New Nursery Corner

    • I will miss my little ones when they are in their own room – it’s such a short time of their lives that they share with us in the whole grand scheme of things, can’t be all that bad right?! x


    • I am so glad you said that! Most parents are moving their babies to their own rooms after 6 months, so I was doubting myself as to whether I was doing the wrong thing keeping her with us, but I love having her near me. It’s not forever, right?! xx

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