Honey Nut’s Monochrome-ish Baby Nursery Corner

Do you remember when I was planning Honey Nut’s nursery corner and I had a monochrome theme in mind? (here’s the post I wrote with my ideas) Well I thought I’d share with you how I actually decorated the nursery corner. Get ready for loads of photos…


I’ve set up her corner on the side of our bed as you enter our bedroom, with monochrome bunting from Wildfire Teepees to link the corner together. I had Tyler’s Saplings Spacesaver cot and Cosatto Easi Peasi Changing Table in storage, and once I had set those two items back up, I built the theme around them.


I found the most stylish looking Zara Home cot bumper and pillowcase from a shop called Debranded Outlet in Slough. I don’t think Zara sell these in the UK, as these said Zara Spain in the label. I got them for £2 each, so a proper bargain and it feels unique too knowing you can’t really buy these on the High Street. I love the illustrations, all European points of interest, with the UK being represented by Bus Stop! I love the subtle splashes of colour and how it instantly makes Tyler’s cot look more girly.


I’ve put a thin pillow on top of the mattress so it’s more comfy for Honey Nut to sleep on, and she does sleep in the cot with no problems at night. I’m glad I got the random matching pillowcase. The black and white spotty fitted sheet underneath is an old season Mamas and Papas one that used to be Tylers.


The changing table is so handy being close to the entrance to our bedroom, so when she needs a nappy change, it’s easy to get to. The storage is amazing for all our baby products, blankets, muslins, nappies and all the stuff you need for nappy changes – cotton wool, vaseline, nappy bags. I have my quirky old Paperchase ‘miso soup’ bowl for putting cooled boiled water it to dip cotton wool in to wipe her bottom.


These are little Zara Home bolster cushions I also got from Debranded Outlet for £2 each. I love the colour and the little fishy design. I put these on either side of the pillow in the cot as protection so she does not roll into the cot bars.


Then I had Tyler’s Fisherprice Rainforest Mobile which I had bought from Argos. With new batteries put in, it still works, and just this week Honey Nut has started to look at the animals above her.


If you remember Tyler’s toddler bedroom (see the post here), which featured in Style at Home magazine, you’ll remember the nautical storage units I got from Matalan. I have these now in the corridor leading to our bedroom to store Honey Nut’s clothes. I find it useful having the little drawers to separate out vests, babygros, socks, dresses, rompers – that way it’s easy to find what I am looking for quicky.


A fave of Tyler’s baby toys is this Lamaze set of soft rattles. I have them in the corner of the cot, and Tyler loves getting them out and shaking them at Honey Nut. She seems to like the goldfish best! We also have Bigjigs Bella rattle toys too for more pops of colour. I love the vibrant pink and purple – it’s so me, as I’m not a fan of too much pale pastel pink 😉


I’ve tied my battery operated seaside hut lights from B&M to my headboard for some light during night feeds. The yellow and red polka dot ribbon is from Poundland of all places!


And not forgetting the laundry bag in the other corner of the room – very important to have one nearby as the amount of dirty clothes we are getting through is incredible! It’s mostly me with my daily milk leakages! This laundry bag is from Tesco. As for dirty nappies, we chuck them in the bin in our ensuite which is handily next to the changing table.


And that is Honey Nut’s nursery corner. Hope you found it interesting! If you’ve a baby, or are expecting, how are you doing your nursery?

Sabrina x


14 responses to “Honey Nut’s Monochrome-ish Baby Nursery Corner

  1. looks lovely! I’ve no idea what to do for ours yet, we have a large spare bedroom but its also where my hubby has his office set up! So I might have to do a corner like you’ve done, it all looks so pretty 🙂


  2. This is really interesting to read. I’m due with baby no.2 in November and they won’t be having a room/nursery of their own until we move house which will be some way off yet. I’m going to have to make them a little nursery corner too, I think. I love what you’ve done with yours. That Zara cot bumper is beautiful, so jealous! x #HomeEtc


  3. Awww she’s SO sweet!!!!! Love her little bright eyes!!! And I love the cot bumper too — Zara Home have some lovely things don’t they? It used to be just round the corner from my office in London!!! Used to send a fortune in my lunch break!! ; ) Thanks so much for linking up to #HomeEtc — Caro xx


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