Me and Mine | March 2017

Check it out, we are wearing matching T-Shirts! I bought these David and Goliath t-shirts at Christmas time to match Lily’s one (which was Tyler’s baby t-shirt). It’s been a cold March, but it’s finally been a bit warmer this past week. Could this mean summer is on it’s way??


Here is what we have loved in March:

What I have liked this month:
Watching the latest series of Grimm – it’s like watching the X Files again.
America’s and Australia’s Next Top Model
Having that extra day with Tyler when he was off school but not actually ill
Watching Lily do anything – she finds everything so fascinating that it is fascinating to watch!
Seeing Moana with my siblings – movie afternoon 😀
Kiss-tory! And the Ed Sheeran album my sister gave us.
Booking Tyler’s birthday party – so excited 😀
My new sparkly shoes from the Next sale

What the bloke has liked this month:
When Lily shouts at us when we are eating – so amusing
Playing with Tyler
Watching Billions and Midnight Sun on TV
Pick Up bars
It’s getting warmer and the blossom is out

What the boy has liked this month:
Tomica videos on YouTube
Phonics and naming the first letter of everything. “Pizza – that starts with a puh, puh puh!”
Counting house numbers on the way to school
Fairytales – Little Red Riding Hood and Beauty and the Beast
His new Lego helicopter
Rigby Rivets and Robopoli (new shows on Nick Junior)

What the baby has liked this month:
Pasta, cheese, bananas, brocolli and of course chocs and biccies (I know, bad mum!)
Pulling all the bibs out of the bottom drawers
Our music system – her face lights up when I switch it on
The rocking snail at Nana’s house
Peppa Pig, Oddbods and Paw Patrol
Dada coming home from work
And me of course 😉

What did you like most in March?

Sabrina x


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