School Diaries | What Tyler Learnt in Reception #4

As the Easter holidays are coming up (hooray!!!), here are the latest things Tyler has said about school:


We had a chick in class today! It bit Miss’s finger! I stroked it.

We watched Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast! (He seriously gets excited to see the Beauty and the Beast movie adverts on TV, so it’s nice they have learnt the story at school.)

They had a race in PE and ‘x’ was first. Tyler says he was bored in PE. (We have since learnt this was because 15 of the kids left their PE kit in the cloakroom when they got to the sports halls, so to teach them a lesson, the teacher said ‘Because you left your PE kit, you have to sit there and be bored’ – LOL, it worked, Tyler remembered his kit this week!)

In phonics, they learnt to spell “bus, get, got, (Tyler took over my laptop from here!) i, log,  pe, sr   srpp  srplhellomarch2017     odd oddbodS111124567899101112133141

Days of the week song – Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and then it’s Sunday again – those are the 8 days of the week! Well I guess he can’t get everything right!

They have also been learning months of the year.

There is a phonics song that Tyler is always singing. Here is how it goes:

Ah, ah, ants on my arm, ah, ah, arms on my arm, they crawled on me something.
Bring your bat and bring your ball, buh, buh, bring your bat and bring you ball, something.
We are clicking castanets, cuh, cuh, cuh, we are clicking castanets, cuh, cuh, cuh, we are clicking castanets, cuh, cuh, cuh, we are clicking castanets, cuh, cuh, cuh
Playing drums is lots of fun with a duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, see me playing on my drums
Eggs in a pan, eh, eh, eh, eggs in a pan, eh, eh, eh, eggs in a pan, eh, eh, eh

This goes on until Z!

His reading has coming on and he really enjoys reading the sentences. The latest book is Zak and the Vet. Tyler gets really happy when he sees ‘the’ and ‘and’ as he can read these words without spelling out the letters. He’s also reading everywhere we go, and telling me what to type in when choosing videos on YouTube. And he can read what I’m typing so I can’t cheat!

His latest homework had some adding to do, like 2 + 2 = ?, so I had to help him by counting on my fingers. So that’s something new too!

And that’s it for now, and after Easter is the Summer Term and last term of Reception. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone, and how much Tyler has progressed! No longer my shy little boy who plays on his own, he is taller and chatty and loves playing with everyone, talking to his teachers, sticking his hand up in class. He’s growing up, my boy! Anyone else feeling emotional?!

Sabrina x







2 responses to “School Diaries | What Tyler Learnt in Reception #4

  1. Such a lovely idea for a post. It’s great to capture everyday moments like these and be able to look back and see how much he’s progressed. Love the eight day week! I wouldn’t mind an extra day at the weekend xx


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