School Diaries #5 | Reception in Summer Term

I can’t believe we are in the last half of Summer Term right now, as in the last 6 weeks of Reception, the last 6 weeks with Tyler’s favourite teacher, the last 6 weeks before starting proper school – Year 1 EEK!!! The time is honestly flying by, so much so that I didn’t even get a chance to write a school diaries update before it was half term already. Slow down time!


Tyler learnt a lot in the last term, and his reading and writing has picked up so much, I don’t even need to prompt him. He reads signs everywhere we go, even long words where you can really notice how the phonics way of teaching helps him.ย I treated him this half term to a trip to the seaside, I thought forget homework – let’s have some fun. But he did his homework so quickly, it’s almost as if the kids don’t see it as homework, it is fun to them.


The main thing they having been learning about is about The Gruffalo. I’ve seen this character on T-shirts and books and not thought much of it. Then suddenly Tyler was talking about terrible teeth, owl ice cream, roasted fox and scrambled snake! I was like, what on earth are you talking about?? He goes that is what the Gruffalo eats! There was Gruffalo homework when Tyler had to draw something from the story and write a descriptive sentence. I thought, no way he can do that. Wrong! He knew what he was doing!

Other things they’ve been learning about (and this is what I gather from what Tyler says) is counting money, full stops, halving numbers, and so many words. His vocabulary has literally exploded!


I am truly amazed at what these 5-year-olds can do and it really is a credit to the teachers and teaching assistants, they are really good. This time last year, he couldn’t even write his name, and one year later he is writing sentences from his head!









He wrote these himself one day in half term and ran into my room to show me. I was so proud! I know the spelling is wrong, but he is working out the spelling phonetically by how the word sounds – I think that is amazing for age 5. I especially love the ‘delivery’ spelling LOL.

I’ll write another update next week, as I want to remember these last weeks of Reception forever. Ahhh our babies are growing up!

Anyone else getting emotional??

Sabrina x

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