Me and Mine | June 2017

Family photo time and it’s a selfie from Lily’s birthday day out at Odds Farm earlier this week.


I didn’t write a Me and Mine post last month, mainly because we forgot to get a family photo – I should have asked someone to take a photo of us at Tyler’s birthday party, doh! But as you can guess, what we all loved that month was the build-up to Tyler’s 5h birthday and the whole month being about him.

And as for June, this month has been all about the build up to Lily’s 1st birthday!

What I have loved in June
Birthday preparations for Lily’s 1st without having a big party to plan for! I loved sourcing gorgeous decorations for our home and Lily’s birthday outfit.

The ‘husband holiday’ lol. Well I had to make the most of G being away for a lot of the month because of work, so I didn’t bother with bedtime routines, or bother to cook dinner for myself, just eating what the kids ate. There was nothing to do in the evening, no cooking or washing up, so I’d just relax and read my book or watch a movie.

And of course I loved it when he came home and the pressies from overseas too 🙂

Celebrating Lily’s birthday, going to Odds Farm.

Seeing Lily take her first steps

Dress shopping for my brother’s wedding.

Days out in East London with the kids and my sister – Westfield Stratford, the Olympic Park, Leyton, the DLR adventure on the rail replacement bus to get to the Cable Car, Greenwich.

TV – I love the new kids show Nella the Princess Knight (a brown main character, I wish she was around when I was a kid!) and I love it when me and Tyler laugh with hysterics when Nella’s unicorn sings!

What G has loved in June

TV  – Riviera and the cricket
Going to three different cities abroad
Loved seeing Tyler and Lily play together
Lily walking
Tyler’s reading – it’s so good now

What Tyler has loved in June

The days out on the tube to East London to see his aunty. The rabbit in his aunty’s flat – he LOVED Alex the rabbit and feeding it!

Daytrip to Windsor and the Brio train table in Daniels.

The unicorn singing in Nella the Princess Knight.
LBB Junior songs – the songs seem to be aimed at his age, covering primary school issues!

The Dettol advert when the mum cleans the highchair with raw chicken “that silly mummy!”

His first school trip to Wooly Firs in Maidenhead and going on the Apple Coach.

Going to Lego after school on Thursdays.

Walking with his best friend to school and walking back with lots of friends – this made him really happy!

Ice cream in the heatwave. Chocolate Shreddies. Cheese.

Driving his mini cooper in Nana’s driveway.

What Lily has loved in June

WALKING! This girl has been trying to walk for so long, she just wants to be like her brother.

Eating! Yes, nothing new, she has been loving Pom Bear crisps, anything we eat for dinner. lunch and breakfast. Potato waffles, Green beans and peas.

Water. She goes crazy for water – screams for it.

Little Baby Bum songs.

Playing with Lego Duplo and trains. The little cafe toy area in Daniels, Windsor.


I think this post shows it’s the little things that make us happy. A lot of sad things have happened to innocent people this month, things that are out of our hands. All we can do is keep those people in our thoughts, and keep on loving simple things with our loved ones.



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