What Lily Wore | A First Birthday Outfit

This is one of my most favourite outfits for Lily, her first birthday outfit! I planned it all literally the week before her birthday, last minute as usual. And I had it in my head that I wanted something fairy-like with a ‘one’ print in gold typography and a cute little one hat. I scoured the net searching for this look.


Tutu Party Dress – Molly and Max Boutique, eBay – £15.49 | Birthday Glitter Hat – PaperArrowApparel, Etsy – £10 | Sevva Emma Cream Patent Shoes – Diffusion Kids – £14.99


It was so much fun dressing Lily up on her birthday, and doesn’t she look adorable!? And the shoes – I have now discovered girls shoes since Lily started walking, and I may have a new obsession. We got these from Diffusion, which is Tyler’s school uniform shop, but you can buy them online from many places – just type in ‘Emma Sevva Patent Shoes’ into google and loads of places come up.


The dress itself is gorgeous! I was nervous as when you buy online, you are never sure what it’ll look like in real like. So I was soooooo happy when it came, it was the perfect fit, soft and comfortable, the tutu fabric was soft and princess-y, the waist was elasticated but not too tight, and the gold one print was gorgeous. The print did not come off at all – win!

As for the hat,  I LOVE the hat. The lady at PaperArrowApparel was so helpful when I messaged her that I needed the hat quickly. She made it the next day and posted it first class straight away. I’m so glad I spent £10 on this, as the photos came out so cute. The elastic was comfortable around her head, and the hat itself was soft (not that hard glitter card).


We decided not to have a big party, but a little celebration at home, with Tyler joining us after school. I decorated a little area in our living room with balloons and banners and pom poms, mainly from Poundland and New Look. If you are after stylish party accessories, do take a look in these stores, I was really surprised!

I love this outfit so much, I think I’ll make her wear it at least once a week – well she is one for a whole year 😉


If you are after a first birthday outfit, there is so much on eBay – just type in the search bar ‘first birthday outfit’. There’s even boys outfits too if you add in ‘boys’ to the search bar. I wish I had done this for Tyler!

Did you dress your little one up for their first birthday? What did he or she wear?

Sabrina x


11 responses to “What Lily Wore | A First Birthday Outfit

  1. i absolute love her outfit its so adorable and the happy birthday banner is lush i think I might need to head to new look/poundland to buy them for MMs 4th its not until February next year but hey better plan ahead!


    • Yes do it, I’d happily have the banner up all year round, it’s so cool! And you have it up for your birthday too and your other half’s 😉 x


  2. Oh my goodness, this is just too cute for words and how is she one already!! Look at her standing up too!! I can’t believe it. Thank you for sharing with #WMKWW x


  3. Oh WOW! What an AMAZING first birthday outfit! And look how clever she is standing up. What a little doll. Loving the cake too, hat and shoes too! Hope you’re having a good week and thanks for linking up with #WMKWW 🙂 x


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