Summer Trends for Less at HomeSense

After months and months of decluttering and selling stuff on eBay, I can finally see the floor in my living room and bedrooms, and I’m ready to freshen up my home’s look with a new summery look.

Obviously I’m still on a budget, so I’m looking for affordable bits and bobs. It’s quite handy that HomeSense have shared their summer lookbook with the latest summer home trends to peruse through. I have to share with you! Here are the 5 current trends, with some styling tips from HomeSense stylist Joanna Thornhill:

1|Graphic Bedroom 

“A fresh colour palette of pale coral pink and cool dove grey, interspersed with vibrant tones and plenty of white feels fun and sophisticated for summer”


2| Long Weekend

“Earthy hues and jewel-like details mix for an eclectic, nomadic style. Look to spices for your colour palette, think ginger, turmeric and star anise, and natural materials such as sisal, wicker and dark wood”


3| Island Living

“Inspired by opulent jewel tones with a colonial vibe, the mineral trend plays out to perfection when precious stones mix with painterly patterns”


4| Summer Dining

“Mismatched crockery and cutlery lends an air of informality to an otherwise smart table setting. Tie everything together with one uniting element, such as a piece of fruit used to hold a name tag on the centre of each plate”


5| Urban Balcony

“A small space needn’t stop you creating your very own urban oasis. If both indoor and outdoor space are at a premium, turn your tiny patch into an additional living area, complete with woven rugs and soft furnishings”


Now if you know my style, you’ll have probably guessed that I’m going for the first trend, the graphic  one. Although they’ve positioned it for the bedroom, I think this look will look just as great in the living room. I just love the pastel colours and the geometric patterns and shapes.


Here are my personal favourite items from the ‘Graphic’ look:


Pineapples and flamingos – need I say more?? 😀

I am always on the lookout for stylish storage, and I have always wanted one of those house shelf units, they are so cute. And a lovely footrest for relaxing in the evening with my feet up once the kiddos are finally in bed.

Of course, that is my preference, tell me, which look do you prefer? Are you feeling inspired to update your home?

Sabrina x

This is a collaborative post.


5 responses to “Summer Trends for Less at HomeSense

  1. My faves are the urban balcony and summer dressing though unfortunately, i have none of the outdoor space to build either 😦 One day, I will and the urban balcony can be a reality. Good luck with your project!

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