What’s Happening to the Old Nissan Car Showroom on Stoke Road, Slough?

As you probably know by now, I like to write the positives about this town that I live in called Slough. This place we have made our home, despite the building sites and empty shops and showrooms – the town is definitely a work in progress one, and one day it will be complete… ONE DAY!!!

Around the corner from where we live is this HUGE empty car showroom that used to sell Nissan cars. I have to drive past it every time I go to park my car in our car park, and we have to walk past it to get to Tyler’s school or to the Salvation Army for Lily’s playgroup. I always like to imagine what it used to look like, with shiny new cars on the forecourt. We started to incorporate it into our walks in the morning, Tyler loved to run up that ramp. If there is truly a real picture of Slough, the one below is it!


So we’ve been living in this town for 3 years, and the site has laid untouched all this time. At the back they used to store brand new Nissan Jukes, like hundreds of them, which were interesting to look at for Tyler. Then this weekend, I noticed a demolition truck. I was like, oh my god, they are finally demolishing this empty car showroom, AT LAST!!!


I was kind of sad in a nostalgic way, I’d got used to seeing this thing. But I was intrigued as to what they were going to build there.


Probably housing, that was our first thought.


With a bit of googling, I stumbled across this architect’s website, and indeed they are building new homes – this shiny new building, with TREES!!!


How exciting is that?! It will look a lot nicer than that derelict site we are used to. No more ugly metal railings to walk past.


The only bad bit is that we are going to have a building site by us for who knows how long, and that’s 85 flats there, so 85 new families – though maybe that is a good thing, as this side of Stoke Road is a bit dead, it needs a bit of life.

Anyway, I have taken these before photos, and I will take after photos in a few years – it’ll be interesting to see how it actually looks. I’ll keep you updated.

Sabrina x

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