What Lily Wore | The Cutest Dungarees Ever!

Toddlers in dungarees – aren’t they just so adorable! I think it’s the fact that they are still so wobbly and out of control when they walk that makes it look so cute. I had actually forgotten that I had a pair of dungarees for Lily waiting in the wardrobe. And then I had a wardrobe sort-out and found them!


These were Tyler’s dungarees, which he wore on our first holiday with him to Cornwall.


They were from Next in size 9-12 months. And they fit Lily perfectly now. Teamed with a pastel bodysuit underneath, you can’t tell at all that this was a boy’s pair of dungarees.


I’m a bit gutted that I only found them now, as she could have worn them in the summer, but never mind, they can be autumn dungarees.


She wore them like a pro, marching around the library like she owned the place.


In the afternoon, I popped her pink hoodie on top while we went outside to pick up Tyler from school.


She looks like such a sweet tomboy – makes a change from all the dresses she usually wears.

Are you a dungarees fan?

Sabrina x


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