Ecover Laundry Challenge #Ecoverlaundry

My laundry routine is roughly every two days – it used to be less, but with messy Lily who likes to eat a lot of messy food and refuses to wear a bib, I have to wash her clothes A LOT.  Some days I don’t mind, I look forward to the smell of freshly laundered clothes, and seeing if the stains have come out – that is weirdly satisfying. Some days I am just not in the mood, and have to force myself to take the dry clothes off the airer and hang the wet clothes up. And I really dislike putting the folded clothes away – such a chore.


My laundry load typically consists of Tyler’s school uniform, their Dada’s football kit, Lily’s outfits, nighties, undies, our clothes, bibs, socks, towels, bedding, tea towels. I hate it when the stains are still there, especially chocolate, and I hate it when whites come out grey – I am trying to keep Tyler’s white school polo shirts white for as long as possible this year!


I always go for non-bio laundry detergent, as that’s what my mum has always used, better for the skin or something. I prefer liquids over powders, as I hate the mushy residue that powder leaves in the detergent drawer. And I have a theory that powder clogs up the pipes, so we usually go for liquid detergent.


My favourite thing about freshly washed clothing and bedding is the scent. I LOVE the freshly laundered scents, especially floral scents. And I love seeing clean clothes with the stains all out.


I tried Ecover’s new Non-Bio Concentrated Laundry Detergent for the first time this week, and the first thing that hit me was the scent of lavender. Their flavour Lavender and Sandalwood just sounds good, and I can say that is really is a pleasant scent. Everything came out clean, it certainly got rid of the food stains. I mentioned earlier how non-bio was important to me, so I like that that Ecover is a plant-based non-bio.


I always thought the Ecover would not get stains out as well as other brands,  as it was a more gentler detergent, but I was wrong. I was really surprised as it is just as good, well better I would say as it is scented! And it’s a good sized bottle, not taking up too much space as it’s concentrated. I’m totally thinking use Ecover as my main detergent now. You should give it a try, it gets the thumbs up from me.

This post is an entry for BritMums #EcoverLaundry Challenge, sponsored by Ecover.


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