When My Pregnancy Craving Was Ice Cream… in Winter | #Blogtober17 Day 9

Ice cream, everyone loves it, right? How can it possibly be a pregnancy craving when it’s something you would eat anyway? Well howabout if it was the middle of winter and it wasn’t just any old ice cream you craving, but it HAD to a Feast, which they didn’t sell anywhere. As it was December, and who would want Feast ice cream in December??

I was around 5 months pregnant with Tyler and I really, really craved it. The plain chocolate inside the crispy nutty shell. I like to eat the outside first and then the middle bit. Ahhhh. I’m not even joking, I couldn’t find it anywhere, not even in Tesco. Luckily, my husband came to the rescue. He worked at Unilever then, and found a whole stash of them in the staff shop! He bought the whole lot, and a Walls mini coolbag so they wouldn’t melt on the way home. My hero 😀


I don’t know if this love of ice cream was passed on to Tyler from me, as I ate so much of it. But he certainly does love ice cream, as does Lily too! Well, who doesn’t like ice cream??


Did you have any funny pregnancy cravings? Or even cravings that sound normal but you knew they were a craving?

Sabrina x




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