Halloween Jokes for your Halloween Party | #Blogtober17 Day 10

I love this time of year, when you suddenly see pumpkins everywhere and you just know the Halloween is on its way. I used to love dressing up at uni and going to Halloween parties, and now as a mum, I love to decorate the house and throw a little party. There’s so much choice on the High Street now, but I especially love what HomeSense are offering – spooky yet stylish decorations. To get you in the party mood, I have some Halloween jokes from my fellow bloggers that you can use at your party 😀


HomeSense-Ghost-Head-min“Why didn’t the skeleton go to the disco?
Because he had nobody to go with”
Pete, Household Money Saving

“What is a ghosts favourite meal?
Debbie, My Boys Club

“What’s a ghosts favourite room?
A living room”
Joanna, The Knight Tribe

HomeSense-Cauldron-Pot-min“What type of music does a mummy like the most?
Ally, Slimsights

“What did the ghost say to the bees?
Boo bees!”
Louise, Pink Pink Bear

HomeSense-Frankenstein-Head-min“What kind of roads do ghosts live on?
Dead ends”
Beth, Twinderelmo

“What’s a ghost’s favourite dessert?
I scream!”
Laura, Autumn’s Mummy

HomeSense-Gold-Glitter-Pumpkin-min“Why did the policeman ticket the ghost on Halloween?
It didn’t have a haunting license”
Elizabeth, The Homemakers Journal

“What does a witch use to keep her hair up?
Scare spray!”
Emma, Ready, Freddie, Go!

Did that get a chuckle out of you? 😀 If you liked any of the Halloween homeware in the pictures above, they are all from HomeSense. I especially LOVE the glitter pumpkin – glam or what?!

Are you decorating for Halloween this year?

Sabrina x

*Collaborative post

18 responses to “Halloween Jokes for your Halloween Party | #Blogtober17 Day 10

  1. Great jokes, I don’t tend to decorate specifically for Halloween no but I have skulls and stuff around all year x


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