The Siblings Project | October 2017

How has another month passed since I wrote the last siblings update?! This past month has really flown by, there is something about the routine of school runs and toddler group that speeds time up, I am sure! There has not been much change since the previous months apart from one thing… TROLLS! Yes BOTH my two kiddos have become obsessed with this film since Sky started showing it in September. So these two now dance together, with Lily copying Tyler and jumping on the sofa to ‘Can’t stop the music’. I must admit, I do like the ‘dancing’ siblings 😀


We’ve also had matching tops and fleecy PJs, and now that Lily is moving on to toddler clothes, I am finding it easier to find matching tops in both their sizes – so am looking forward to many more matching outfits!


Last week Lily joined Tyler at the miniature railway as mini train spotter. I love having TWO train enthusiasts, it is so cute seeing Lily basically love anything that Tyler loves. She really looks up to him.


And that’s it for the month. I have loads of school run photos too, as Tyler and his friends love to pose at the wall with Lily. And they ask for the photos to be taken, they love it!

In the coming weeks we have half term, Halloween and Bonfire Night, so lots more sibling adventures on the way.

What have your kids been up to in the past month?

Sabrina x



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