Old Photos Of My Childhood | #Blogtober17 Day 15

At my parents’ house, we have albums upon albums of photos – I guess I got my love of taking photos from my dad. I have picked out some of my favourites for this post – cute ones of course. You WON’T be seeing any teenage photos! If I could go back in time I would so tell teenage Sab to be proud to be a girl – fix that posture, straighten that back, blow dry that hair and smile!!

Here are some photos from the early 80s. I like this photo because you can see the toys I used to play with. Retro!


For the first six months of my life, I lived in Cornwall by the seaside.


I love this photo of my dad and me. I can relate to it as I just want to eat Lily’s cheeks now!


Check out our retro kitchen – my parents were so on trend. I wonder what we were laughing about.


It looks like I had a lot of outdoor toys. My parents haven’t changed as they have bought Tyler so many outdoor trikes and ride-ons. This must be their thing!


My beloved Wendy House – I remember it to this day and the strong smell of plastic. It was another world inside this tent, I had sooooo much fun!


My most loved toy in the world EVER was my Bug Bunny doll – I took this bunny everywhere I went. Can you believe it got lost?! Wah!


This photo looks like one of those Instagram mum and daughter photos you see nowadays.


Here’s me with my brand new brother.


And one when he was a bit older.


I loved playing with this hula hoop sooooo much.


My Rainbow Brite wallpaper – I had the coolest room 😀


Now for some 90s photos.

This is how we did sleepovers in the old days – get the sofa bed out and make lots of floor beds. We loved it!


This is my sister as a baby in my mum’s spice cupboard – Cow & Gate tins full of spices. This is still the spice cupboard to this day (of course with newer containers!)


The only teenage photo I am willing to share with you is of my desk and my brand new stereo. And that was my keyboard that I practiced on for my piano lessons. I hated piano lessons!


So those are some old photos from my past. I hope you enjoyed that trip down memory lane.

Do you like looking through old photos when you visit your parents’ house?

Sabrina x




4 responses to “Old Photos Of My Childhood | #Blogtober17 Day 15

  1. What a beautiful collection of photos. I adore the Rainbow Brite wallpaper and the photo of you and your Mum on the beach is so gorgeous. #blogtober17


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