How to Relax After You Have Children | #Blogtober Day 18

When you have young children, life is pretty full-on. There is hardly time to do anything for yourself and when they are finally asleep, you want to go to sleep too. Well, I think the way you look at relaxation changes after you have children. It’s no longer a whole spa day or sitting on the beach reading a book. It’s the little everyday moments that you have to snatch to stay sane. For me, these are 5 things I do to relax, mostly when the big one is at school and the little one is having her daytime nap.


1) A nice hot cup of decaf coffee and watching any of my favourite shows that I have recorded – like Bake Off, Holby City, The Apprentice. Mindless series that I look forward to.

2) A long hot shower at night after the kids have gone to bed. That way I can take my time.

3) Sitting down at Costa or Starbucks when Lily is having a nap in the buggy, having a chai tea latte or a caramel macchiato, sitting on the sofa in the window and reading a chapter my book.

4) Going shopping! Preferably when the kids are being babysat, it is so nice to go shopping buggy free. It’s nice not to have to rush, to actually mooch around the shops and try clothes on. But usually I shop while Tyler is at school and Lily is in the buggy.

5) Going to bed early. Sometimes it’s nice not to blog or even read my book. Just an early night, stretching those legs and going to sleep in fresh sheets. Ahhhh. An extra few hours sleep does the world of good, especially when y.

Those are my ways to relax these days, the simple things. How you do relax?

Sabrina x




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