Me and Mine | October 2017

October has come to an end and there are only 2 months left of 2017 – what?! We didn’t take many family photos this month, so had to do a last minute one on Sunday night before we got into our pjs!


I can’t really remember much from October apart from watching Trolls constantly and me watching it on my own (yep I love it as much as the kids!). October just flew by and unfortunately the second half of the month was taken over by colds and sickness. But here is what we have loved this month:

– Catching up good friends for a BBQ and being lucky with a very sunny Sunday for autumn.
– New chunky knits – my white jumper from Select and my mustard cardi from Sainsbury’s. Love them.
– I love wearing my yellow winter jacket again
– The Apprentice being back (YES!), Bake Off and X Factor’s new format – I like it 🙂
– Fleecy pyjamas!

– Watching Tyler and Lily dance to Can’t Stop the Feeling
– Watching Lily babbling away
– Stranger Things on Netflix

– Trolls and Sing (fave movies), followed by the Angry Birds movie
– Going to the Miniature Railway
– Warm chocolate milk
– Saying “Wait a minute” all the time (from Red in Angry Birds)
– Train adventures to Windsor and Reading in Half Term

– Trolls and Sing, and dancing to the songs. She is always handing us the remote going ‘”Pappa” which we think means Poppy from Trolls. It’s not Peppa as when we put that on she cries like she’s saying “NO NOT PEPPA!!”
– Chocolate Shreddies with milk and feeding herself
– Proper babbling non-stop
– Her snuggly winter jacket and all the jackets that our good friend gave us from her daughter’s wardrobe (they are so gorgeous, thank you S!)

That’s all I can think of and I’m a day late writing this as I’ve been falling asleep early with the kids the past two nights. I don’t know why I’m so tired. Anyhoo, on with November – fireworks night and all the Xmas things coming on it the shops, woohoo!

Hope you had a good October, and are looking forward to November too.

Sabrina x


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