Inside The Newly Refurbished Dunelm In Greenford + Kiddicare Is Back!

Last week the family and I checked out the newly refurbished Dunelm store in Greenford. If you’re a homeware fan, you’ll know all about Dunelm, they sell everything from bedding to kitchenware to sofas to lampshades. And now they have brought back the Kiddicare brand, so they sell everything you need for a baby – pushchairs, cots, car seats, highchairs and toys. They recently opened in Slough, but have been in Greenford for about 4 or 5 years. I know it very well as I used to live down the road from this store when Tyler was 1. So I was absolutely gobsmacked when I visited last week, the store is unrecognisable!! In a good way, of course 🙂


This is the store you’ll have seen if you’ve ever driven down the A40, in between Hanger Lane and Northolt, with it’s iconic ‘Aladdin’ Tower. It used to be a B&Q back in the day. The store is HUGE, and it used to be all on one floor, with a cafe on one side that was quite old-fashioned looking, dark and brown.

NOW, the store has all new brightly lit-up signs on the front, and inside has TWO floors, a Kiddicare and the cafe is now open-plan with bright new modern chairs and tables and a kids play area. That is the first place we headed to, the Pausa Cafe, so we could have a cuppa and a mince pie before browsing the store.


The kids had some cake before bouncing around in the play area. They did not want to leave!


The cafe is perfect for leaving your partner to watch the kids while you go shopping in peace, hehe!


So I had a look around, and there was so much to see. I’ll give you a tour. Here is the new upstairs bit, so you can see how they’ve fit in two floors.


From the upstairs, if you look down, you can see how big the store is. At the entrance to the store is all the Christmas products – decorations, cards, wrap, gifts etc. To the left is bedding and to the right (just cut off from the photo) is kitchenware, and towards the front of the photo is home accessories, like faux flowers and candles.


Upstairs had haberdashery, curtains, rugs, bathroom products and a huge area at the back for take-home furniture like coffee tables and chairs, as well as a sofa section.


I fell in love with the cute little kiddie armchairs!


Back downstairs, the central bit opposite the cafe had cushions and storage. And then the huge area at the back was the new Kiddicare area – it’s like a whole store on its own here. Just HUGE!


As I mentioned earlier, it has highchairs, nursery products, pushchairs, car sets, toys, baby products like dummies and crockery and bottles, and toys. At this point, I had rescued my husband and brought the kids with me to this area. Lily would not leave the Minnie Mouse toys alone, I guess they are at her eye-level. She got a lot of ‘Aws’ from customers passing by!


Meanwhile further on in the area, there are the cutest little trolleys at kid-height!


It is soooo good to have a place to go to actually see all the buggies and nursery furniture in one place. There’s something reassuring about seeing a product in real life before you buy it, so I think it is brilliant that Dunelm now provide all this for parents. Really handy!


That’s my tour of the newly refurbished Dunelm store in Greenford for you. It was such a good outing, the kids had the best time because of the play area, my husband got to relax with a cuppa, my mother-in-law joined us to look for some lighting for her home, and I was in retail heaven just looking at EVERYTHING!

If you fancy visiting the store, it’s just off the A40 at Greenford (in between Northolt and Perivale/Hanger Lane). You’ll have to drive in the direction from Northolt to Greenford and turn down a little slip road and then it’s the first left into the car park. You can’t miss the bright Dunelm sign.

Have you been to a Dunelm store yet? If you haven’t, have I tempted you?? 😉

Sabrina x


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  1. I will be visiting the store today for the first time and hope I will get the picture wall hangings looking for.


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