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Did you know I used to have perfect sight? Up until I was 25, I could see perfectly fine. Then all of a sudden things got fuzzy. And I mean it was so sudden, one week I could see, the next I couldn’t read the screen if I was sat at the back of the meeting room at my office (and I was always at the back hehe). I could not believe it – I needed GLASSES!


The first optician I visited said I didn’t need them as it was only slight. But it was really affecting my work, so I got a second opinion at another optician and I was prescribed glasses. This optician also said it was slight and would probably reverse by the time I was 30. Wrong! I am now 38 and still totally need glasses!

I’ve got to admit, I HATED wearing glasses, I felt ugly and like a geek. I would only wear them if I HAD to. As time got on, I did need to wear them ALL the time. So I moved to daily disposable contacts, which is what I wear these days. It’s not cheap, but a price to pay to look good 😉 My optician said that I can’t wear these contacts the whole day as they will damage my eyes. I need to take them off after 12 hours and wear glasses in the evening.

Glasses were a necessity, so I got a pair that were nice, but I still didn’t really like how I looked when I wore them. That’s the thing with choosing frames in store after you’ve had your eye test, you feel so under pressure to just pick a frame. The frame is going to change the way you look, so it’s a really important decision.


I had heard about buying prescription glasses online, but I was a little bit wary as I thought how could you try on the glasses and see how they look? Well, I gave a try, and it was nice to take my time browsing all the different designs online. And there was actually a ‘Try On’ feature. I uploaded a photo of my face and ‘tried’ the glasses on. I browsed through all the styles with no pressure, sorted by price, sorted by designer – basically I had lots of fun searching for a pair of glasses.

I was impressed with all the styles available and especially by the prices, including designer glasses like Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Guess etc and at much more affordable prices than on the high street. The range of products was wide – women’s glasses, men’s glasses, different sizes and shapes from rectangular to oval to cats eye. Different materials like titanium, plastic, bendable and metal, and soooooo many colours. I could choose full rimmed, semi rimmed or rimless, as well as the type of lens ie single vision, bifocal or varifocal. I could also choose prescription sunglasses, and there was an option to reglaze a frame I already owned if I wanted.

My eye kept getting drawn to the pink frames – you know I how much I love pink. But after using the ‘Try On’ feature, I could see they looked a bit bold on me. I think they would suit a quirky London graphic designer who works in Shoreditch rather than School Mum in Slough hah!

Eventually, I found my perfect pair, stylish and elegant, yet not too in your face. I went for the Bondi Sphare which has a thin gold rimmed framed – seeing as rose gold is so on trend, I quite liked the look of this one.


I placed my order, gave my prescription details, and soon enough I received a box in the post – very fast service. Inside the bubble wrap was a beautiful glasses case that had a wooden look to it, a glass cleaning cloth and the glasses themselves.

Now for the big test – did they get the prescription right? Well I can happily say… yes! They were just right. And I think they look alright on me – what do you think??


Now, I must admit the frame is very light – which is good as it’s not heavy on my face when I wear them. In fact I forget I’ve got glasses on at all, and that’s a good thing. But I will definitely be keeping them away from Lily, who I’m sure would rip it apart!

Would I recommended ordering glasses online from Perfect Glasses? Yes I would. The glasses look good, the prescription was right, the prices were less than on the high street and I got to shop from the comfort of my own home. The only thing I would say is that next time, I would go for a designer frame that would be a bit more child-proof. And they had a lot of affordable designer brands.


If you are tempted to buy glasses online, this is their website:

What do you think of my glasses – yay or nay? Would you buy your glasses online?

Sabrina x

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