£5 Gifts from SportsDirect.com | #sdfiverchallenge Christmas Challenge

If you had just £30 to spend on Christmas gifts, you’d think you wouldn’t be able to get much, right? Well that is exactly what BritMums challenged me to do – find Christmas gifts at SportsDirect.com with £30. Now SportsDirect is usually a store I think of for buying trainers and sportswear, but I was surprised to find a whole range of gifts for £5 and under on their website, as well as fashionable stuff for £15 and under like clothes, shoes and boots for the non-sporty amongst us (like me!).


The gifts section on the SportsDirect.com website is under Accessories/Gifts and there were nearly 1000 products! I sorted it by price to find the gifts under £5, and there was quite a lot to choose from. Branded toys, board games, craft sets and sweets for children and teens. Boxed chocolates as potential teacher gifts. Football team teddy bears for footy fans. Party lights for friends. Manicure sets, make-up and toiletries for mums, sisters, cousins etc. Mini DIY sets for dads and uncles. I decided to look for one gift for Tyler and one for Lily.

For my toddler

For Lily, I found the cutest little pretend doctor’s set for £5. I had one of these sets when I was little and I remember I loved pretending to be a doctor. I am sure Tyler will love playing doctors with Lily too.


The set looks good quality too – not that cheap plastic tat you might have expected. It comes in a sturdy plastic case to store and carry around all the little accessories, and the brand is  ‘Love to Play’. Bearing in mind that similar sets are normally around £15 in other retailers, £5 is a real bargain.

For my boy

For Tyler, I found the perfect board game for £5 – Dinosaur Operation. I decided to get a board game, as lately he has been really interested in playing family games. He likes group games more than playing on his own.


Similar to the classic Operation game that we all grew up with, but with a dinosaur body instead, I think Tyler will find this fun to play. The RRP is £9.99, so £5 is great value. The box was slightly dented from the post, but apart from that it is fine. It looks like a proper branded board game that is worth more than £5. Once it’s wrapped up, I’m sure Tyler won’t notice.

For my toddler (again!)

Those were my two £5 gifts. Next I had a browse through the fashion section and decided to look for some boots for Lily. The joy of online shopping is how you can narrow down to exactly what you are looking for in just a few clicks. It saves so much time and you can find the bargains so easily. I clicked Kids/Boots and then you can click the checkboxes on the side for ‘Girls’ and the shoe size you need, in Lily’s case ‘C5’ ie Infant size 5. I think this is brilliant as only what is in stock comes up, so you’re not wasting your time. Anyway, I found the perfect boots for her, SoulCal Selby Snug boots for only £9!! At full price they are normally £32, so this is such a bargain!


They came in a SoulCal shoebox that was in perfect condition, not dented at all. And the boots themselves are ADORABLE! Such a lovely colour, made of suede and with fluffy sheepskin on this inside. Lily loves them and is always wearing them, she never wants to take them off!

For me

And not forgetting me, I deserve a treat too, so I had a browse through the women’s boots and found brown SoulCal Bardi Snug boots in my size for only £15 – normally £60. I was like, CLICK, I am buying these!


Just like Lily’s boots, they came in a SoulCal shoebox, the boots are suede and all fluffy on the inside. The sole is thick so should last quite long. They are very warm and comfortable, I am really happy with them. And it’s nice to match with Lily!


I spent just over £30 – the total came to £34 – for two £5 gifts and two pairs of boots. Isn’t that such great value for money?! On top of that, there was a £4.99 delivery charge, which is worth it as I’d never have been able to find these bargains so easily instore. I’d rather pay the extra to deliver for the convenience of shopping from the comfort of my home and not having a navigate a pushchair through the store. The delivery was fast and I was kept up to date by text of when my delivery would arrive.

Overall I am really pleased and surprised at my pleasant shopping experience at SportsDirect.com. Not just somewhere for sporty people to shop as I previously thought. Have you shopped online at SportsDirect before? What have you bought?

Sabrina x

This post is an entry for BritMums #sdfiverchallenge Christmas Challenge, sponsored by Sportsdirect.com


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