What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

I remember the first time I bought a lottery ticket. It was the weekend after I turned 16, I handed over my £1 coin and bought my first National Lottery ticket from our local cornershop. I used to buy a ticket every week after coming home from my Saturday job at the chemist, and sometimes I won a tenner. Nowadays my husband is more into scratchcards, and I think the most he has won is £150 which was a nice bonus. EuroMillions is the more well known one to play, and you can even bet on the results of a draw through Lottoland.


I think everyone dreams of winning the lottery, you know, the jackpot, millions of pounds. Dreaming of buying that house and no longer having to rent or pay a mortgage. If I won the lottery, that’s what I would do, buy a 5-bedroom house in Windsor with a huge garden, one that overlooks the river, with a huge driveway for all those cars I would own. Haha.

It’s nice to dream, so I asked my fellow bloggers what they would do if they won the lottery. The most popular answer was to buy a house and take care of loved ones’ mortgages or debts, but here are some that are a bit different:

-“I’d buy holiday homes all over the world”
Kerry, Kerry Louise Norris

“I would buy a bungalow and fit out so it is suitable for a disabled person and then move my parents in. Fairly close by so I can see them and help out.”
Lynsey, Mum That’s Me!

“I’d pay off my family and close friends’ mortgages and we’d move somewhere more rural. I’d invest the rest to provide us with a long term income.”
Hollie, Thrifty Mum

“I’d buy a house on the coast and make sure everyone I loved was cared for and comfortable and if it was an obscene amount I’d start a charitable trust. “
Jennifer, My Mummy’s Pennies

“I’d treat a load of people, do up my house and buy a pedigree dog”
Jenny, Midwife and Life

“First thing a roomba! Really blooming want one – hate hoovering  “
Jane, Northern Mum

“First I would go to Bora Bora with my family and stay in one of those little cabins over the water. And whilst there we would plan how we spent the rest of the money!”
Kate, Five Little Stars

“Straight away, I would hire a personal trainer, personal chef, nanny and someone to write my blog posts and run my site! I would buy a massive house locally and get a location scout to choose a villa for us somewhere like Menorca. I think a luxury cruise after Christmas would be good too, so we could then make plans about what else we would do with money…”
Clare, My Tunbridge Wells

“I would take the kids out of school for a year and go travelling with them.”
Becky, The Mummy Adventure

“I would move us into a bigger house which we desperately want but can’t on our very low income. I’d give both of my brothers a deposit to buy their own family homes. I’d also pay for a huge family holiday so I could spend some quality time with my grandparents.”
Alex, Lamb and Bear

I’d buy a house, buy my parents and best friend a house, get a new car and go on holiday. Obviously pay off our debt too! Oh and go shopping without praying my card works 
Carly, H & R Photography

“I’d get my teeth done, so for once in my adult life I could smile without covering my mouth with my hand.”
Jada, Unique Young Mum

“If I won some serious lottery money I would set up an amazing school for kids with special educational and medical needs so my nephew could have a fabulous place to learn 
Emma, The Money Whisperer

“Go back into work and leave envelopes on everyone’s desks. Some would contain money, others wouldn’t – depends on how helpful they’d been to me!”
Tim, Broken Thoughts

The last one made me giggle, I hope I wouldn’t be one of those that got the empty envelope!

Do you play the lottery or lotto betting? What would you do if you won?

Sabrina x

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