Me and Mine | November 2017

November has been the quickest month of this year, I can’t even remember what we did. Luckily we have a lovely family photo from when we met Santa at the 4 Kingdoms Christmas Experience last weekend – it came out quite nice!


What we have loved in November

Me: How it has been a mild November, so we haven’t had to wear scarves and gloves, and it’s been warm enough to go to the playground after school, and for Lily to start walking a bit of the way on the school run. I’ve enjoyed spending quality time with Lily since cutting down on playgroups, having a day out in London with her when we went to the Mothercare preview and with Tyler I’ve enjoyed our chilled out evenings in our pjs after school. TV wise I have enjoyed watching The Apprentice and The X Factor live shows – Raksu to win!

The husband: The crisp mornings (but not the last couple of days, it’s been too cold).

Tyler: He has been enjoying watching The Angry Birds movie with the subtitles on so he can read the words, and then writing about the movie in my notebooks. Also getting Trolls Holiday on DVD, playing Junior Scrabble, typing on my laptop. Favourite book of the moment has been The Runaway Train by Benedict Blathwayt. He loved seeing the fireworks at the beginning of the month, going trampolining at his best friend’s birthday party and the whole Christmas Experience at 4 Kingdoms.

Lily: She has loved NOT going to playgroups and spending time with mummy. She has loved watching Trolls, Trolls Holiday, Sing and Angry Birds – all of which she calls ‘Up-pa’, I have no idea why. She’s loved sitting down with Tyler to eat at their own table with the new little chairs I got from Ikea. She’s loved ‘reading’ books, copying everything Tyler does, from the ‘choo-choo’ sounds when reading The Runaway Train, to diving on to the carpet or dancing on the sofa. She’s also loved being able to talk, words and phrases of the moment are ‘Hair’ ‘Chet’ (chocolate) ‘Shoe’ ‘MAM-MA!!’ ‘Taaaa’ ‘Let’s see’ ‘I do it!’ “Up” She loved trampolining and the Xmas experience too, and has loved walking outside and being allowed to press the button in our lift.

Both kids loved that one weekend when both their aunty and uncle were home – they were soooo happy, and having them come over to our apartment during the month. Nothing beats family 🙂

What have you loved in November?

Sabrina x


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