2017’s Top Lighting Trends

Every year, lighting is getting more creative. We no longer rely on the standard ceiling spotlights to illuminate a room, and we experiment with different types of lighting to get the finished look that we desire. This year has seen lots of old-style fixtures come back into fashion, and the copper finishes of last year are out in favour of another metal…

Modern Retro


Industrial lighting isn’t a new trend, but this year, it has become more modern and retro. Whilst last year was all about stripped-back, rustic finishes, this year is much more sleek and refined. So, if you’ve previously been afraid of experimenting with industrial lighting in your home, try and shop for the new modern retro look. You can use it as an eye-catching feature for a room. It’s no longer about looking unfinished, and instead, it’s about lighting as art.

Soft Gold

Warm metals are everywhere this year, and lighting is no exception. Think gold pendant lights, gold lamps and gold sconces. One of the great things about gold is that you can layer it with other metals – silver and brass – for a classy look. Best of all, it doesn’t look like the gold trend is going anywhere, so invest it in now and it will be timeless.

Vintage Bulbs

Even the bulbs aren’t being left out of the retro trend, with vintage Edison bulbs being at the forefront of every interior magazine’s content. The bulbs are very nostalgic and look quite soft, thanks to their flattering cone shape. They are perfect for your kitchen or living area – try adding a cluster of them for an eclectic look.


Art Deco

Art Deco lighting focuses on geometric shapes and sharp lines, with unique designs. This type of lighting is a great mix between art and function – the light fills the space, but it looks attractive at the same time. Think of a speakeasy in the 1920s, with modern shapes, and you have the right idea.

Cheaper LEDs

Most of the power in light bulbs is wasted as heat, but not with LED bulbs. They are much more environmentally friendly than other types of lighting, and they can save you money on your electricity bills. LED lighting is also highly customisable – it comes in many different colours, shapes and brightness, to fit in with any type of decor. Until now, one thing that has put buyers off investing in LEDs is the initial cost, which has been higher than halogen bulbs. However, with more lighting suppliers offering LED bulbs at an affordable price, this isn’t the case anymore.

Nature Inspired

Earthy, natural tones and textures are incredibly popular in interior design, but in 2017 the concept finally reached lighting. There are lots of bamboo and wicker fixtures on the market, made from natural materials. This is perfect if you want your home to feel comfortable and calm. Earthy fixtures work well with plants, so up your greenery game if you’re opting for the nature trend.


In 2017, lighting was all about making a statement, and one way to do that was to go big. This works particularly well in open plan spaces, as lighting can define a specific space. Oversized pendant lighting makes a great focal point for the centre of a room. You can also experiment with table lamps and floor lamps, adding a fun touch to the room.


Have you experimented with any lighting trends in 2017?

Sabrina x


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