Our Christmas Tree Decorations | Copper Trend 2017

For the first time in my life, I have actually splashed out on a nice Christmas tree and fancy tree decs. I had always gone for the cheap stuff in the past, with our first tree in our first home being a £3 miniature black tree from Asda, and then a white one the following year. We didn’t have much space in our London flat. When we moved to Slough, after spending all our money to buy our new home, I didn’t want to spend much on a Christmas tree, so I got a cheapo £10 tree from B&M. It did the job. This year, when I put it up, with our brash coloured baubles and multi-coloured lights, it made me feel sooooo unhappy! I know it’s a superficial thing to get upset about, but I decided there and then that this was the year I bought a nice tree, new decs and white lights.


I headed to Dunelm with my sister as I had some gift vouchers from there to spend. Might as well use them! I chose the least expensive 6ft tree at £25, which is actually really pretty with the snow effect on the leaves. I went for a copper/rustic theme, or ‘Enchanted Lodge’ as Dunelm is calling it, choosing the glitter golden apple above, and the heart berries dec below. On the bottom right is a wooden heart dec that Tyler made at school last year, which goes perfectly with the theme. I like having a mix of meaningful old decs with the new ones.


I bought a pack of 4 pine cones which I love and 6 large copper cone shaped decs. They pine cones make the tree looks more real, while the copper cones really fill the gaps due to the shape.


I bought a copper bead garland to drape around the tree, it’s just a great finishing touch.


My favourite new tree dec is the below Art Deco glass one, I love the shape and the colour, the way it reflects light. It’s just beautiful. It’s high up on the tree as it’s glass, and Lily already broke one of my new ones on the first day. Which is a good thing as she doesn’t pull anything off the tree now – she must have got scared. Top tip to get your toddler to leave your tree alone!


I have always wanted a garland, so this is the year I treated myself. I got a frosted berry one that lights up for £20, also from Dunelm. I have hung it across our bookcase so that side of the room has a festive feel too.


I cleared my desk and brought out my Noel lights from last year. They were from Next. I had to do a bit of superglueing as they had fallen apart – but all fixed now, with new batteries!


I strung my old Poundand tinsel and garland along the wall, pinning them to my existing lantern bunting with pegs. I have also hung up two stockings. There are no presents under the tree because A) the brats would open them – they have no restraint, and B) Er, we haven’t done our Christmas shopping yet! So I have put the two polar bears from our Santa Experience under the tree, as well as Lily’s knitted snowman that was a present from her Salvation Army playgroup last year, and a glitter rubber duck that Lily took a shine too in Dunelm.


Topped with a silver star and with the white fairy lights, it is certainly festive in our living room, and I love the evenings at home. Just so cosy, it really makes me smile.


Do you like the copper trend? How have you decorated for Christmas this year?

Sabrina x


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