The Siblings Project | January 2018

It is the first Siblings Project post of the new year and already I have a stack of photos of the two of them – festive ones from the second half of December, and days out/days at home from the first few weeks of January. I don’t think I need to say much, you can see in these photos how close they are.


I had the most heart-melting moment at the weekend when I was driving back from my parents and there were squeals of laughter from the back. Tyler said “Mummy, I’m making Lily laugh!” I was at a red light, so I looked back and there was Tyler making funny sounds at Lily, and Lily giggling so much, her eyes lit up with happiness. I couldn’t help but laugh. I thought back to a year ago when driving with the two of them was a nightmare. Tyler would always fall asleep, meaning a late bedtime. And Lily would just cry and cry and cry. I would have to stop many times to find her dummy. I hated driving! Fast forward a year and these two won’t stop laughing, they entertain each other. So this is a lesson that it really does get better.

Sabrina x

The Me and Mine Project


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