Messy Play for Toddlers in Slough

If you are looking for a toddler activity in Slough, messy play is a good one to try. There are sessions run by Art Your Heart Out in The Curve on Tuesdays and at Cippenham Library on Fridays, both running from 10am – 11am. They are free to attend and are drop-in, no need to book, so it’s absolutely worth a go! I went to the Curve session with Lily for the first time on Tuesday and she had a really good time.


The tables are set up at the back of the children’s library on the first floor, where the big lego mural and the sinks are. There were three areas set up, one for playdoh, one for glueing straws and stickers, and one for colouring and painting, and each table had lots of chairs. Aprons are provided for the painting – here is Lily sponging some paint. I had to show her what to do as I’ve steered clear of paint at home, so she was really intrigued. Though she’s a bit OCD about getting her hands dirty (just like Tyler), so we had to wash them straight-away before she freaked out! I’m sure she will get used to paint once we come more regularly.


There were colouring sheets and crayons next to the painting area.


Here Lily is playing with the playdoh, there were lots of interestingly shaped cutters. I think us mums had just as much fun as the toddlers making shapes!


The central table had pots of pva glue and spatulas, and lots of cut-up straws with paper to stick them on to, as well as stickers which Lily loved – she really has a thing for stickers.


There were about 10 toddlers in attendance, plus parents, so a nice sized group, and very friendly too, as we all knew each other from Music Time which is also held in the Curve. There was a really good atmosphere, and it was good for the toddlers to see familiar faces.


The sessions lasts for an hour, but Lily got a bit restless after half-an-hour and kept pulling me towards the books. The good thing about it being in the library is that she can go look at books and wander around the children’s library. You don’t HAVE to stay for the whole hour, and that way there’s space for the kids who come a bit later, so it all works out.

I would say the session is suitable if your toddler can sit quite confidently on a kids chair, and they’re over the phase of putting everything in their mouth! I think most of their toddlers that came in our session were between 18 months to 3 years. And if your toddler doesn’t like it the first week, don’t be put off, come again the following week so your child gets used to the new activity.

When you come, you just have to sign in by filling in your child’s name and age on a form. The sessions won’t cost you a penny as they are free, and are run by a lovely lady called Sinead. I asked her why she does it for free, and she said she just loves working with children and wanted the children in our community to have something to do. Isn’t that just lovely!! There’s no profit in this, it’s purely for the community. I can totally relate, as I don’t get paid to write about Slough, I’m doing it so that parents in our area can find out about things to do with their little ones. Every child deserves to have access to fun activities, no matter what their background.

If you would like to come to a Messy Play session with your child, they run weekly on these two days:

Tuesdays 10am -11am – The Curve, 1st floor in the children’s library
Fridays 10am – 11am – Cippenham Library

And you can follow Art Your Heart Out on their Facebook page here.

I’m definitely bringing back Lily, my mini artist 😉 Maybe I’ll see you there on the Tuesday session!

Sabrina x


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