Me and Mine | April 2018

It’s a special Me and Mine month as April is my husband’s birthday month and today is actually his birthday – the big 4-0! We did a silly photoshoot to commiserate the end of the 30s haha.


On to what we have loved this month:


I have loved writing my Woolworths blog again! This was my first blog that I started in 2014 that I kind of neglected, but I suddenly woke up one morning and had the urge to finish this project! This time I’m doing the stores in number order and publishing a post EVERY DAY! Basically I find old pictures of that town’s Woolworths store and any information about the history and find out what has happened to that building today. And I love it! I am having late nights but I think I am running on adrenaline. There’s no money in it, this is purely something I love. And that’s kind of what made me decide to do this again. I wrote a post this month about Instagram and the future of my blog and I have decided to just do what I love, what I enjoy.

And that leads me to the second thing I am enjoying  – Instagram! I am enjoying making creative photos, and the next thing I am working on is planning my feed, the right colours, a theme that is ‘me’ – by this time next month, I hope I will have a feed that looks like the pros.

I loved reading ‘Big Little Lies’ by Liane Moriarty – I could not put this book down, I can’t recommend it enough!

I loved the random heatwave and wearing summer clothes, leaving jackets at home, the days out to Windsor and Legoland. Shopping for summer shoes for me and Lily. It was heaven! I knew it wouldn’t last long, so I’m glad I took the kids out while it was sunny. And my husband and I even had the urge to eat healthy while it was hot, carbs were replaced by salads, biscuits by strawberries. We felt so good! I also started going on the exercise bike at my parents’ house – go me!

Watching Lily play, she’s so amusing and all the sentences she is coming out with – I love it! I still love reading to Tyler, and seeing how his love of trains is getting more detailed now, he is learning so much about the history of the london underground from youtube and we have been watching Paddington 24/7 on channel 5 together.

My new white duvet cover from Wilko’s – it makes me feel so happy.

Family cinema trips – we went nearly every weekend this month! – Captain Underpants, Coco (AMAZING FILM!!!), Trolls and Boss Baby.


The mini heatwave
Watching Liverpool in the Champions League
Watching Lily growing up – she’s so funny!
Tyler’s school report – he’s caring, aw!
Getting a Woolies buildings email every morning 🙂
The countdown to the big 4-0
Season 2 Travellers and the season finale
Tyler making his train tracks to the real tube lines – he’s very good

Watching Geoff Marshall videos on Youtube and learning about the history of the tube, stuff about S stock and D stock trains and lost railways and all sorts. Tyler’s teacher said he has an amazing vocabulary and I’m sure it’s from these videos – thanks Geoff and Vicki!

Watching Paddington 24/7 on channel 5.

The Easter holidays and hanging out with Aunty, meeting friends and going to the London Transport Museum and getting london underground wooden trains.
Making train tracks in the shape of london underground lines

Going to the playground after school on the sunny days.
Going to Legoland after school on that hot day
Sainsbury’s on sundays – he loves that store so much and going to the cafe there!


Cashew nuts – she’s gone nuts about them!
Singing any theme tune – Paw Patrol, Peppa, Shimmer and Shine – she loves singing and dancing too (well jumping up and down like crazy)
Watching Paw Patrol toy videos on youtube
Colouring in anything – the TV unit, bed frame, the floor, my table cloth
Train trips
Her Poppy, George and Max stuffed toys – she carries them around, ‘feeds’ them by shoving their faces in her plates, wipes their faces with face wipes, she talks to them, hides them in places and then calls out ‘Poppy where are you?’ – she loves her toys!

So that was April, a really fun month! I love it as it’s the beginning of all the fun sunny day to come. Hope you had a good April too.

Sabrina x


2 responses to “Me and Mine | April 2018

  1. Looks like you had a lovely April! Your other blog sounds fascinating – it is always wonderful to have passion for something and love doing it. There’s more to life than always being useful and productive in the “normal” sense of the word 🙂


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