Instagram Hashtag for Slough, Berkshire – #SloughItsNotSoBad

I have started a new Instagram account! It’s called ‘sloughitsnotsobad‘ and it’s all about sharing the pretty in Slough – yes, Slough CAN be pretty, believe it or not!? AND I would like you to get involved in this little project too, whether you live in Slough or not. Read on to find out more.


Okay, so the idea behind this new account is to show that even in a town like Slough that has a reputation for being dull and ugly, you can still find pretty Victorian houses and beautiful flowers. In fact I think EVERY town must have their pretty parts, right?

slough it's not so bad

I’m not pretending that living is Slough is idylic and peaceful – far from in, it’s busy, multi-cultural, it does have it’s fair share of crime and there’s always litter and broken glass on the pavements. But you can say the same for London and yet there are hundreds of pretty London Instagram accounts. Instagram is there to make you feel happy and uplifted, motivated for the day or evening when you see the photos. So I want to do the same for Slough, have a place to share these nice parts that nobody really shouts about. And if you live in the Slough area, you can join in too.


#SloughItsNotSoBad – If you live in the Slough area, I have created this hashtag for YOU to tag your pretty Slough photos on Instagram, (and obviously I will too). Hopefully we can create a collection of nice pictures of this town. The surrounding area can be included too – Langley, Burnham, Stoke Poges, Iver etc.



I hope you think this is a good idea, and if there is enough interest in the hashtags, I will share the best photos in a regular feature on this blog. It is nerve-wracking starting a new Instagram account, but I would love it to be a success.

Please do spread the word and tell your friends to join in with the hashtags.

Sabrina x

For more posts about Slough, days out in the area, latest on town centre developments etc, click here.
If you are interested in seeing more of the good stuff in Slough, do follow my Instagram page @sloughitsnotsobad.

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