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If you are looking for a Berkshire venue for your child’s birthday party in Slough, I wrote up 12 ideas, which you can read about here. This year Tyler asked to have his 6th birthday party at Jump In Trampolining Park and we had the best time, it was a really fun experience for all of us.


Jump In is on Dundee Road, around the Slough Trading Estate side. It is in a huge building and there is plenty of car parking spaces for your guests. We booked a 10.30am slot on a Sunday morning, as I thought that would be good for the kids to jump around and then have lunch. I also thought it would be less manic in the morning and less chance of other parties over-running.


Our package was for 10 children (including the birthday boy) for £180 and the schedule was:

10.30am – arrive, sign in, put on trampolining socks (provided by Jump In) and watch the safety video

11am – 12pm – 1 hours play – including trampolining, slides and for the under 5s there is soft play.

12pm – 12.30pm – Pizza and Cake-cutting in the Colour Glow Party Room upstairs

We had a party host to greet us upstairs and he was great. We signed in and there was a bucket for the kids to put their shoes and socks so they didn’t get lost. He took an order for drinks for the adults and brought it down to us while the kids were jumping. It cost less to do this than order at the cafe. Downstairs we watched a safety video before letting the kids go jump!

Tyler’s group was a mix of his best friends and younger siblings. The only tricky bit was that toddlers were not allowed on the main trampolining area, they were meant to stay in the baby trampolining bit. But Lily was not having it – she wanted to jump with her big brother and NOTHING could stop her!


We spent a good half an hour on the slides, even us mums with our toddlers. That was SOOO much fun!! I didn’t take any photos, but if you follow my Instagram stories, you would have seen some hilarious videos. The laughter from the kids was adorable, they loved it!

Between 11am – 12pm is a good time to have a party on a warm Sunday morning, because it wasn’t packed. It was busy, but pleasant. You weren’t bumping into other people or feeling crowded. There were even moments where the kids seemed to have the place to themselves. Though we may have been lucky!


At 12pm we were called to go up to the party room, which is lit up with neon lights. There are 3 tables set up in there, so I am guessing they have can have up to 3 parties on at the same time. We had the room to ourselves which was good. The room has windows that look over the trampolining park which the kids enjoyed watching.


We had 3 boxes of cheese and tomato pizza and jugs of squash. It was good pizza. Our host plated up the pizza and I poured out squash as we all ate. One thing I forgot AGAIN, as I did last year at our Jungle Run party, is I forgot to bring music!! It would have been perfect having the Trolls soundtrack playing – doh! Instead we had our party host’s phone hooked up to a speaker and some random Indian ragga music, but it was better than nothing!

Then we got the cake ready – which was a Metropolitan Line tube train cake that my mum made – took lots of photos with the kids before lighting the candles and singing happy birthday.


Little did I realise that Tyler was still eating pizza while we were taking his birthday photos, so he was making strange facial expressions – this one was the best photo! It is a bit of a rush to eat the food in 15 minutes for slow-eaters. Our party host cut the cake into slices and we packed them into party bags that we brought and then everyone went home.

So that’s how a party is at Jump In. We had a really good time and left the place happy, and Tyler was happy to have celebrated by jumping with his best friends. Price-wise, it is quite expensive but I think it was worth it. It was so much fun!

If you are interested in booking a party here, you can find booking details here.

Have fun planning your kid’s birthday party!

Sabrina x

Disclosure: I have NOT been paid to write this, we paid £180 for the party and I just wanted to share a good party venue with you.

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