Me and Mine | June 2018

Oh my gosh, it’s the end of June! I always feel a bit sad at this time as it means all the birthdays in our little family are done. The second half of the year always seems to go too fast after this. Sorry to start on a downer! Right, on to being positive. June is Lily’s birthday month, and being right at the end on the 27th means the month is a countdown to her birthday (Tyler wrote this bit) and having ,,fun playing with Tyler that”s me.


Here is what we have loved this month:


I have loved my little trips to Windsor with Lily, we go for an hour or so without the buggy, she has her backpack on and I let her lead the way. We walk around and have a latte, babycino and a gingerbread man in Caffe Nero in the station. We’ve gone every week this month and there’s always a knitting group there who recognises us now. I have loved this mummy and daughter time, it’s my favourite time of the week.

I’ve also loved shopping for me again. Since I had a little wobble feeling fat and ugly at the beginning of the month, dressing up and making an effort has made the world of difference. I’ve loved having conversations with Tyler, he is so interested in learning and talks so much! When he made his first vlog, I was so proud of him. And Lily too, I feel like I am her translator but she is having proper conversations too. Hanging out with my brother who has been down from Scotland this month. Taking my family for a meal out at Giraffe, on me! And discovering a poppies field so close to us – and taking lots of photos of course.




I actually asked Tyler what he loved as I’m writing this with them awake as he says ‘The train adventures!’ – he says when we went to Nana’s by train, getting the purple TFL rail at Hayes and Harlington, getting the Met Line to Ruislip Manor with Uncle Zu and getting the GWR to Ealing Broadway with Agee.

He loved having a cinema at school (some charity event they had), wearing his new Liverpool football kit to school, playing in Nana’s garden and her new stepping stones at the back. And as he said in the first paragraph – having fun with Lily!

Tyler’s first tooth fell out, which I can say he did love, as it seems to be competition in his class as to who tooth fell out first! He loved having the tooth fairy visit.


Lily has loved her train adventures which we have already mentioned above. She loved being special on her birthday and opening all the presents. She LOVES all the new plush toys – Peppa family, Ryder, Branch – as does Tyler, and they both go to sleep with them.

Lily has suddenly loved her cot bed again and goes to sleep there rather than next to Tyler – I think with the heat they wanted their own space, but then sometimes she chooses to sleep next to Tyler. Okay, maybe she loves having the options!

This week Lily has loved having a Paw Patrol birthday cupcake to lick every morning.

She has also gone crazy for hand-dryers in the loos when we go out. They make her so excited and she laughs and stands under them – the most fun!

Peppa Pig yogurts are a fave this month too. Well the ones that have George on the packaging.

Her Poppy doll has being dragged out wherever she goes – I have now washed it. This is definitely her fave this month.


So that was June. A lovely hot month, and now we have the last month of school and summer holidays to look forward to.



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