A Year of Lily being Age 1

Today is Lily’s last day of being a 1-year-old. And it is making me majorly emosh. As it’s the last time I’ll ever have a little one-year-old of my own. She’ll never be this little ever again. I want to spend the last day just watching her, drinking up every little thing she does, just remembering every little thing she does. Every sound, every movement, every word. I want to remember how she looks at me and how she wants me and me only in the day. Until Tyler comes home. And then Dada. Our little family that makes her so happy. I want to remember all the babbles that are turning into words. All the expressions, the frowns when she is angry, the turned down bottom lip when she is upset, the sparkle in her eyes when she is happy. Her laugh. The toddling turning to walking to running to jumping and climbing and having no fear. This time next year she will be turning three and will be talking properly, out of nappies, a proper girl. But age 1 to 2 is the cutest age, the age when everything starts to make sense for them and their personalities grow. I will miss it. But I’ll try to burn it on to my memory so I’ll remember forever how Lily was as a one-year-old. Oh man, why am I crying?!



JULY 2017

She had only just started walking the week before, so was toddling beautifully on her uncle’s wedding. And being able to walk opened up a whole new world for her. Age 1 was going to be fun!



The fang teeth! I will never forget how her front fangs came out before her middle two teeth. It made for the best smile :))



Going for walks without the buggy?! This was the month my friend sent this life-changing backpack, as Miss Independant was always wanting to walk and do whatever her brother did. This was also the month that Trolls came into our lives when Sky started to show it. And we had no idea at the time how much this movie would impact us!!



Coffee shop dates. A LOT of this year of being age 1 has been spent dipping biscuits in mummy’s lattes while her brother was at school. They make for the best memories, she is the most amusing coffee shop companion.



This was the month Lily wanted to pose for photos. The boarding around our apartment became her photo wall and she’d run to it and stand, waiting for me to take a photo. And often holding a crisp in her hand.



Dressing Lily in Christmas jumpers and dresses this month was so much fun. She loved all the lights and the sparkles of the Christmas trees.



The start of 2018 was also the start of trying out new things. I discovered that she loved sitting with us at the cinema and eating popcorn and she loved trampolining.



Going out is nothing to us now, she just comes along on train adventures with Tyler like she has always been there.


MARCH 2018

Life at home usually finds Lily and her brother in our bed watching TV – either kids movies or YouTube toy videos.


APRIL 2018

We had many mummy and daughter days when we had a random heatwave. We went to Legoland, spent a day in Windsor, and there were many coffee shop dates. Lily’s speaking is incredible by now. I can have a proper conversation and understand exactly what she is saying. She is singing words to the Trolls songs, nursery rhymes at playgroup.  She is also calling Tyler ‘Dot’ – but this is not for long. It was so sweet while it lasted!


MAY 2018

She spent her first 3 nights without us and discovered how much she loved Nana’s house. It’s become a bit of an obsession, going to ‘Nana ‘ouse’ She is also headstrong and has to choose her own outfits, often leading to mismatching pairing – rainmac with a tutu dress. And, not pictured here but, she HAS to wear her ugg boots even when it is hot, and has a meltdown if she can’t wear them.


JUNE 2018

This is the month where her Poppy dolls has to come everywhere with us, she feeds her, cuddles her, makes her press the lift button, holds her hand so Poppy can ‘walk’, she sings to her. Poppy is a bit filthy now, but well loved! She has become obsessed with trains, always asked me to go on one ‘Mummy train now?’ – which led to our wanders around Windsor without the buggy. She is singing the words to the Trolls songs as well as Peppa (Big balloon and Mr. Potato) and the Paw Patrol theme song. She says ‘yes please’ and ‘no thank you’ in the sweetest melt your heart voice. Her hair is so much more curlier now, it goes naturally into little ringlets. She seems to have all her teeth, though I think the back molars are still to come. She is friendly to people and other children now, and loves to say ‘BYE!!’ and wave to mummy’s friends.


Sweet and friendly, chatting and singing. That how she is as she goes into the year of being a 2-year-old.

Being one had been the most fun year, and you can see how much she has grown over the year.


My sweet girl, I’ll never forget this year. And maybe one day when you’re older, you’ll look back on this post and you’ll see how much fun you had as a one-year-old.

Sabrina (Mummy) x


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