Carters Steam Fair | Traditional Funfair in Berkshire

This weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to the Carters Steam Fair in Englefield Green, which is just by Windsor. We had such a wonderful afternoon there. It’s a fun fair with a difference. EVERY ride is vintage, there is old style music playing, and the decor is so beautiful that you just want to take a million photos. It’s a lovely experience, like stepping back in time. Even the tickets themselves were retro styled.


All the rides are original vintage ones that have been brought back to life, ranging in date from the late 1870s to the 1960s. We rode on galloping horses, bumper cars, aeroplanes, boats and  trains, and there was more that we didn’t go on, purely as our kids are quite young – you can see the full range of rides here.


Jungle Thriller Ark

This went really, really fast in a circle, up and down – you should have seen Ganesh’s face, bleurgh! It was so funny. He said the kids was laughing so much, they loved it!


Austin Cars

This was a toddler ride. The cars went round very slowly so it is suitable for really young tots. You can see the happiness on Lily’s face. She chose the blue car, and was so happy to be ‘driving’ it. The finish on these cars was beautiful, so bright and shiny.


The Boat Ride

The kids chose a boat each and were happy to sail round and round. You get a good few rounds with each ride.



Tyler was so keen to go on this ride. Lily went on the Austin cars while they went on this, as she was too little for this ride. Tyler says this ride was great – “I loved bumping into the people!”


Ghost Train

Tyler was keen on this one too, but he didn’t realise what a ghost train was! He was surprised at all the ghouls and darkness inside. I went with Lily and the water sprayed her! She looked shocked but I think she liked it!


Steam Gallopers

Galloping horses – a classic from a vintage funfair, we had to go on it! Tyler chose to sit on the bench, while Lily and I sat on a horse. In the middle was a steam train that she excitedly pointed out at every turn.


Hurricane Jets

Tyler was bubbling with excitement telling his friend about this ride when we were walking to school the next day, how it went up really high! It had a lever so you could control the height and you could hear the whirring of the machinery, really cool!


The Carters Steam Fair travels London and the Home Counties, and although they are coming to the end of season, there are three more dates before they close for winter, in Maidenhead and Reading.

  • 6th – 7th October – Maidenhead – Holyport Green
  • 13th – 14th October – Reading – Prospect Park
  • 3rd November – Maidenhead Fireworks Display – Boyne Hill Cricket Club

The rides are 4 – 6 tokens per person, so if you are thinking of visiting, I would advise buying ride tokens online beforehand so you can get the best deal.


I hope you found this useful. We had a lovely time there, and I really enjoyed going on the rides as well as taking lots of photos! Thank you Carters for having us!

Sabrina x


Disclosure: We were given tickets for the rides free of charge for the purpose of this post. As always these are my honest thoughts and opinions.


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