Me and Mine | September 2018

I am making myself write this Me and Mine post. It’s easy to say I can’t be bothered, but no! This is a good way to capture the family each month. So this is our last minute family photo for September, at the Carter’s Steam Fair that was on right at the end of the month. It was such a cool fun fair, everything was vintage. I’ll be writing up a blog post about it later, as I took loads of lovely photos. Right, on to what we loved in September!


What we loved in September

Having a routine again after the long summer holidays
Going back to playgroups with Lily and catching up with friends
Watching Lily speak more and more like a real person, proper conversations – and videoing it all!
Making sure we still have fun days out at the weekends and after school, discovering the local Chiltern towns near us
Writing about Slough again for the blog and taking photos for my #sloughitsnotsobad Instagram page
Watching Bodyguard, Bake Off, Press and Suits

Watching Bodyguard
The welcome homes from the kids after work
Our little lift button pusher (Lily) when I leave for work
Sunday family adventures
Liverpool still unbeaten in the league
Not watching X Factor
Tyler’s funky train tracks

See his friends at school after not seeing them for 6 weeks!
His new class teacher
The Waterloo and City Line Adventure
Sitting in the drivers cab on the South Western train
Fun after school adventures at Legoland, the sandy playground and Gerrards Cross
Riding the heritage buses and seeing the old underground train at the Amersham heritage day.
New Thomas the Tank engine episodes
Playing Cities on Uncle Zu’s XBox

Playing tea parties and playdoh at playgroup with her best friend C (yes she has a best friend!!)
When dada comes home from work
The ‘Sleeping Bunnies’ song at playgroup and watching it on repeat on my phone
Shopping with mummy and looking at sparkly things like earrings
Caffe Nero in Windsor – her fave place to go
Thomas the tank engine toys – suddenly she knows all the character’s names and makes them all say ‘HELP!’ when she plays.
Watching Peppa Egg videos on YouTube.

There’s probably more, but that will do for now. And on to October already (how?!)

Hope you had a lovely September.

Sabrina x


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