Autumn in Slough | Herschel Park

I just wanted to share some photos of beautiful Herschel Park I took last week. The colours of the leaves are changing, yet there are still flowers in shades of purple, and even purple berries.


The ducks swim and dip their heads in the water, the squirrels scamper across trees. This park is so close to the busy centre of Slough, yet so peaceful and tranquil.


My little girl kept looking up at the tall trees, which must look even taller to a toddler.


The beauty of this park does not just magically appear, it is down to the team of gardeners and volunteers.


Every time I visit, there is someone trimming the grass or tending to the plants. They do such a wonderful job and I am grateful, because I do so enjoy taking photos in this park. It brings me joy, so thank you for making this part of Slough a beautiful place.


Have you been enjoying the seasons changing in your local park?

Sabrina x

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