Autumn at Legoland | Brick or Treat Halloween 2018

I took some gorgeous autumn photos the other day, not in a pumpkin patch, but in Legoland of all places! They have created a magical enchanted forest filled with what seems like millions of pumpkins. Now I haven’t been asked by Legoland to write this, but it was so lovely that I felt I had to share it with you.


This pumpkin area is called ‘The Enchanted Forest’ and it’s to the right of the Ninjago ride, next the the blue ships play area. We got the Hill Train down and followed the signs. There were tents sent up for building lego pumpkins, and for colouring, and there was some sort of activity involving a cauldron full of bubbling green liquid. The kids passed on that, happy to skip through the pumpkins instead.


We made our way back to Miniland as usual, rushing as we thought we only had an hour after school. We have green annual passes which are valid on term-time weekdays only, so we thought the park would close at 5pm. The trains in Miniland normally power down at about 4.45pm. But on this Friday before half term, everything stayed on until 6pm! It was such a lovely surprise to see the trains still running and the rides still on.


There were little ghosts hidden around Miniland and we had fun looking out for them.


The Hill Train had turned into the ‘Spooky Hill Train’ too – ooooh!


At the end of our evening, we had our usual Lego chips, and a latte for me, at the Hill Top Cafe – I love that the server recognises and know what we are going to order each time. We stayed there ’til the sun set, and it felt so different. I was moaning the other day about it getting dark too early these days, but it was alright on this occasion I guess!

This ‘Brick or Treat’ Legoland special is on now until the 2nd November, and there are fireworks on some of the nights too. As I said, I haven’t been asked to plug this, but we had such a good time that I can totally recommend it!!

Sabrina x


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