The Siblings Project | November 2018

At the end of last month’s siblings post, I wrote that maybe if I got Lily a new winter coat that would make winter more bearable – well I was right! We found a gorgeous coat from Tesco of all places, and it makes us look forward to going out. I mean just look at her in this photo, she looks like a little lady!


So October to November has not been as cold as expected, I’d go as far as saying it was a bit warm! So of course there have been lots of outings for the these two siblings. We had a week in the Cotswolds for half term, and on other weekends we have had a Thomas track day in Amersham, days at the grandparents and a day out in Covent Garden at the London Transport Museum. They love their days out together, and despite the age difference, they are really good company for each other. Lily looks up to Tyler so much, like his little shadow, and Tyler likes having her by his side, even if it seems he is in his own world!


At home they play hide and seek and “You’re it!” and chase each other around the flat. They like to dance around in circles with the disco lights on. Playing with toys together is trickier and they always fight – well, Lily snatches and Tyler whines. But non-toy activities is a win.


That’s why I like taking them out, it’s always fun and Tyler is a very understanding brother, liking to take care of Lily, especially if we are in a soft play area. He always makes sure she’s okay.


Lily thinks about Tyler all the time, even when he’s a school. When I get her lunch, she says “Tyler hungry?” and I say its okay, he’s having lunch at school. When we buy snacks at shops, she says “And Tyler?” wanting me to buy two. And when he is home, whatever he asks for, she wants one too. If he asks for a glass of milk, she says “And Lily too?” or “Where’s mine?” Or if he is reading a book, she has to ‘read’ one too.


In the mornings, if she wakes up first, she lies awake and waits for Tyler to wake. And when he does, she jumps up and says “TYLER!” and she is so happy (I hear this when it happens, and witnessed it when we were staying over at my parents house, it’s quite adorable how she waits with excited breathing!).


And as for Tyler, he will never leave Lily. Whenever we are at my parents’ house and it’s time to go home, Lily NEVER wants to leave. So I always pretend “Okay Lily, you stay here, me and Tyler are going home” – you know that empty threat. She says “Okay bye!” and Tyler bursts into tears “No I want Lily to come! I don’t want to go without her” his voice breaking and crying and crying. Seriously EVERY week, the same thing.

It’s cute. They are so cute. And I love them sooooo much. Apart from the fighting bit. And when Lily hits Tyler and thinks it’s hilarious. Like proper whacks his back. But yeah let’s focus on the cute stuff. They love each other and its all good!

Sabrina x



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