Slough’s Christmas Lights Switch-On 2018

I thought I’d share some photos from the Slough Christmas Lights Switch-On that took place on Saturday just gone. It was such a lovely event and it felt like the community really came together.


We arrived at 4pm, and though we had missed the lantern making activity organised by HOME Slough, they told us not to worry as we could still take part in the parade using lanterns were left over. So Tyler and Lily took part and they were so excited to do so. A parade of children and parents walked from the old Topshop store to the town square, with lanterns on sticks lit up by battery-operated lights, the parade accompanied by music. It was such a fun atmosphere with children’s faces lit up with the biggest smiles. The sun was just setting so the lanterns just look magical against the sky.


At the town square, there was a DJ type person announcing raffle prize winners and Santa and the major of Slough was there. And then there was a countdown, and it felt like New Years Eve! I thought it was a countdown to the Christmas lights being switched on – only the lights were already on. So what was this countdown for? Only the most amazing fireworks display from the rooftops of the shopping centre! Well, Wellington House, which I think is an office, I’m not sure.


It was absolutely spectacular! We weren’t expecting this, so it was a nice surprise, especially as it was a free event. There were plenty of oohs and ahhs, and Tyler crying out “This is awesome!!” Well done Slough fireworks team.


After the display, people milled around taking photos and selfies, and the Slough Observer took a photo of me and the kids – we may be in the paper this Friday. I didn’t tell the photographer I was the Mummy Stylist though. I know I should have, a cheeky plug would have been good, but I don’t know why I feel embarrassed when to say it in public!


There is this perception that there is no community spirit in Slough, but that perception couldn’t be more wrong. Together with the Remembrance Day parade from the previous week, I have seen people come together, spreading peace and happiness. There are many, many different cultures in Slough, but at the end of the day it’s a very family-orientated town, and children just don’t see these differences. They just play and laugh together. And that is the beauty of this town.

The next community event was on the 15th and 16th December 2018. A festive family fun weekend planned in the town centre with a land train, Santa’s fun animals, stalls, face painting, glitter tattoos, balloon modelling, and special guests – the tap dancing turkeys (this is the official blurb – I’m assuming these weren’t real turkeys!!).

Sabrina x

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