Siblings Project | January 2019

I am going to carry on with the siblings project this year, as it’s lovely to look back and see how the kids have grown and what they have got up to each month. This post covers the time between 15th December to 14th January, when Tyler is just over 6 and a half, and Lily turns 2 and a half years old.

There have been lots of adventures for these two, and it’s nice to see them happy in each other’s company. There are still squabbles at home, with Tyler constantly whining about Lily ruining his tracks or taking the train he was playing with. She does do it on purpose. But there is so much love too as they dance together, watch The Greatest Showman, Trolls on Netflix together. Lily likes to ‘take care’ of Tyler, making him wear his hat and choosing his socks. And if he doesn’t wear what she chooses, there will be a meltdown. She likes to copy him – whatever he is eating or drinking, she has to have one too – milk, cheese, yoghurt, whatever. When he is reading his book at bedtime, she has to read her Peppa books too. And then go to bed giggling together as Lily does something silly to make Tyler laugh, or Tyler will have his leg up in the air or something. They want bunk beds, so that might be this year’s project, to sort one out for them.


The Christmas holidays started on the 19th, which of course meant some days out as their daddy was off work too. The days out weren’t smooth sailing, there were tantrums and tears. It wasn’t all bad though! We went into London and lunched at Giraffe in Southbank. The kids loved running on the bridge and watching the trains go into Charing Cross. We wandered around the Christmas stalls in the Udderbelly – and I made a magic photo out of that.


We walked along the Strand to Covent Garden and then Seven Dials, looking at the lights and discovering Caffe Nero’s head office. Had to get a photo for Lily as it is her favourite coffee shop.


Here they are on the tube which they still find exciting – this is their concentration faces.


On another day we went into Windsor – showing their dada Lily’s favourite hangout, Caffe Nero of course.


Christmas was very exciting for the kids, and they put out milk, a mince pie and a carrot for Santa and Rudolph on Christmas Eve.


Present opening in the morning at home.


And then more presents and Nana and Grandpa’s house!


Boxing Day was at Agee’s house (their dada’s mum):


At the weekend before New Years, we went to South London to meet friends and it was so festive there. When we go out with their dada, my mind goes blank when we try to leave the house and I forget things that I would normally be so organised and bring. So there was no toys and they had to sit for dinner – this was not good! I took the kids to the charity shop around the corner – luckily being Clapham, it’s a posh area and we got a good haul of Peppa and Thomas books and a toy tractor. That kept them occupied during dinner!


When dada went back to work after New Years, we had a day out just me and the kids – our first one of 2019. It was much more smooth sailing – my brain came back into use haha. We went to Hamleys and they were amazed at how many floors there were. We had ice cream on the top floor and then bought Paw Patrol mashups which Lily has in her Hamleys bag in this photo.


We then went on a 159 bus which was the whole point of this trip. Tyler had been studying the Olympics 2012 bus map that was at his Agee’s house, and somehow got obsessed with doing the 159 bus route. It’s a Boris bus which is so so sleek inside, with gold handrails – I loved it! We sat on the top deck all the way to Streatham and then back to Marble Arch. Lily slept for most of this journey.


On another day, I took them to Windsor on Ice to go on some rides. It was quiet as it was after New Years, but a nice way to end all the Christmas festivities.


They loved the rides – this is Lily’s face when she realised the ride was over. Noooo!


I will end this post with a magic photo I created for Christmas. We really did go for a walk in the woods at Burnham Beeches on Christmas Eve – I told the kids to look up at the birds while I took the photo. They looked up, confused. “What birds?!” Well, it looked perfect, as if they were looking up at Santa flying though the sky.


We’ll see how the next month goes for these two.



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