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When I started this blog exactly 4 years ago, it was all about kids fashion and styling interiors – do you remember Tyler’s sweet little outfits?? Well, 4 years on, it seems very apt for my first post of 2019 to be a kids fashion one. I just LOVE kids clothes, and children are only little for so long. You might as well make the most of being able to choose their cutie outfits before they stop letting you!


Towards the end of last year, I was over the moon to be contacted by Vertbaudet to work with them. They are a brand that I have been a fan of for many years. I think I got my first catalogue when I was pregnant with Tyler 7 years ago, and I ordered those gorgeous house cushions for his cot (you can see a photo here). Over the years I have bought many more items from their nursery and maternity section, as well as knitwear for the kids.

Today I’m going to share with you four gorgeous outfits from their current range that Tyler and Lily have been testing out over the Christmas break.


Lily’s Outfit 1
Tulle Butterfly Pink Dress – was £25, now £12.50
Tights 2-pack – was £15, now £10.50
Pink Cardigan – was £15, now £6
Bunny shoes – £21

Now Lily, as you probably know by now, is a girly girl – she loves wearing tutu-style skirts. So I chose a fairy style dress that she can wear in winter and summer. It’s pastel pink and made of light cotton, so very comfortable and easy to slip on with the zip on the back. The skirt has one simple tulle layer with butterflies ‘fluttering’ out. She is wearing age 2/3 which fits her just right.


I teamed it with Vertbaudet tights, as it is winter, and these tights are Lily’s most comfortable pair. The waist is too tight, and they are just the right thickness. These are size 23/26 (UK6/8.5) – a perfect fit for Lily

Obviously at this time of year, you NEED a cardigan. For dresses I prefer those short ones that don’t swamp the dress. This pink cardi is perfect, and the frills on the shoulders are adorable.


It’s not too heavy so she likes wearing it. If you follow me on social media, you’ll have seen she wore it to ballet class!


Lastly on this particular outfit, I have to share with you the shoes. THE SHOES!! Oh so so so cute. She absolutely loves the bunny print. The rubber sole is a good thickness and very sturdy, with pink paw prints underneath. The velcro strap makes it very easy to put on – no buckles to fiddle with.



Tyler’s Outfit 1
Hooded Jumper – was £11, now £7.70
Indestructible Straight-Cut Jeans – £18
Trainers with Touch N Close straps – £23

Tyler is wearing a hooded jumper that is a greeny-blue colour. It is lovely and light, and I think the colour really suits him. The jeans caught my attention because they are called ‘indestructible’. Tyler plays with trains a lot, crawling around on the floor – so his jeans never last long, always wearing away at the knees. So I will let you know how well these ones do!

These shoes are now Tyler’s favourites, he will not wear anything else. When I saw them, I knew he would like them because of the blue stripe. And it’s just literally his style, with the velcro straps. They are very easy to put on, and he doesn’t need my help putting them on either.


Now on to the second outfits, and I love the colours of these ones. We went outside for this photo shoot with Tyler’s remote control car that he got for Christmas from my friend. This wasn’t the first time they wore these outfits as they really loved wearing them over the hols. So they have been washed and you can see the colours and quality have not faded. (PS – do you recognise this photo from Instagram?)


Lily’s Outfit 2
Sweatshirt with Heart Strass Appliqués – £18
Corduroy Leggings – was £11.50, now £6.90
Shoes as per Outfit 1

Lily is wearing a pink sweatshirt that not only has frills off the shoulders, but the most gorgeous sparkly hearts on it. It’s called ‘strass applique’ and Lily loves them, all shiny and pretty.


Lily always wears leggings, but I was curious about these corduroy leggings – what would they be like? Well I can tell you they are gorgeous. It looks like corduroy, but it is stretchy like leggings. Really comfy, and the dark grey colour goes with any top.


Tyler’s Outfit 2
Sailor-style Stripey Jumper – was £16.50, now £11.55
Dark brown chinos – was £16.50, now £9.90
Shoes as per Outfit 1

This is officially Tyler’s new favourite jumper – he wanted to wear it every other day over the Christmas hols when he wasn’t wearing his London Transport jumper! The colour is off-white and burgundy, and it’s a very light knit. I do like that the knitwear is not too heavy, it makes it comfortable to wear. And with children running around and sweating, it’s just better to have lighter clothes. The union jack flag is a nice touch too.


I also wanted to try out chinos rather that the jeans or joggers that Tyler always wears. These are described as dark brown, but it’s more of a burgundy colour and go perfectly with the stripey jumper. He loves wearing them, they are a perfect fit, soft cotton. The waist has adjustable elastic with buttons on the inside front. They look really lovely on him, I think we have a chinos convert here.



So there you have it, four lovely outfits for 2019 from Vertbaudet that we absolutely love. What do you think of them? Have you shopped at Vertbaudet before?

Sabrina x


11 responses to “What the Kids Wore | Vertbaudet

  1. I love that these clothes were discounted – you got some good deals there! Those cute tights and little shoes are super duper cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    • They have got some really good deals in the sales! I was fortunate enough to work with Vertbaudet on this post, so the items were gifted to me (sorry if that wasn’t clear), but I’m totally still shopping for bargains there 🙂


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