Me and Mine | March 2019

March has come to an end and we ended it with a family photo at Langley Country Park on Mother’s Day. March is such a pretty month, full of pink magnolia trees and glimpses of sunshine. We’re still wrapped up warm but it feels good to feel the sunshine, with the promise of summer days to come.


In March I have loved looking out for pink magnolia trees to photograph, cooking fancy dishes for dinner and getting my fashion sense back. I loved being chosen to blog about The Lexicon and being thought of as a stylish blogger – that really gave me my confidence back. I have loved going for tea with Lily and discovering new places to go, and researching interesting foods to eat in my local area. I have loved taking the kids to Legoland after school and giving Tyler a treat.

Ganesh has loved sunshine, the clocks going forward and summer coming, his TV shows – True Detective, Scorpion, and Billions coming back. Not playing football in bl**dy mud and freezing cold, and starting Monday night football in posh-land. Lily singing The Greatest Showman, and all her songs. Planning our seaside summer holiday. Mango and red chilli chutney poppadums. And being on the Slough town centre resident’s commitee!

Tyler has loved his board games, drawing bus maps, ‘driving’ a different toy bus to school everyday, naming the makes of cars that we see especially Mercedes, Volkswagons and Citroens. Learning his dance show routine at Hip Hop class, going to Legoland after school, visiting the London Transport Museum and celebrating his best friend’s birthday. As well as playing with Lily of course. And his new shows on YouTube – dominos and Number Blocks.

Lily has loved NOT going to playgroup. She has loved keeping her coat on all day, eating strawberries and bananas, babycinos, Peppa Pig mashums, watching surprise eggs on YouTube, copying Tyler, running into his classroom to collect him from school. And Nana’s house. The playground. Chocolate brownies and crisps. Shouting out colours of cars, and what colour coats we are wearing.

And both kids have loved pointing out pink trees for mummy!

What did you love in March?

Sabrina x



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