Me and Mine | June 2019

It’s our June #meandmineproject pic! Two days late, I am making myself write this post. June was absolutely the most amazing month, I don’t think any other month this year will top it. Starting the month seeing Hugh Jackman at the O2 was AMAZING! Then meeting Geoff Marshall, Tyler’s hero, in real life on one of our random days out was a dream come true. I’ll never forget it! It’s up there with getting married and the birth of my kids 😂😂 And ending the month with my baby girl turning three and making her dream come true – taking her to Peppa Pig World where she ‘met’ Peppa and George, and of course her Peppa bouncy castle sleepover party at the weekend. And the crazy heatwave that made it seem like we were on holiday. Our family photo was taken at Peppa Pig World on Lily’s actual 3rd birthday – it was at the end of the day so Lily was exhausted, but we are all still in this photo on the rainbow path.

Me and Mine Family Photo at Peppa Pig World taken in June 2019

Me and Mine June 2019

What we loved in June:

– Seeing Hugh Jackman at the O2
– Meeting Geoff Marshall and seeing Tyler’s dream come true right in from of my eyes
– Seeing Tyler win an award at school for most improved in Maths, and feeling proud that I helped him get better at Maths with all that after school work!
– Having 5 days of fun with my family for Lily’s birthday – starting with my own evening with them in Windsor, then Peppa Pig World on her actual birthday, going swimming on a hot balmy Friday, our bouncy castle party that went on until dark and finally seeing Toy Story 4 at the cinema the next day.
– Also meeting my friends’ newborn baby, and seeing the Flying Scotsman randomly that evening at Paddington Station, and the last steam train on the Underground the following week

Ganesh says he loved everything about June, except missing Fathers Day, although he was on the beach in Barcelona in the evening so that was good. And of course Lily’s birthday celebrations and Tyler’s prize morning.

– Meeting and talking to Geoff Marshall
– Finishing the Bakerloo Line and starting the Circle Line station
– Our train and tube trip to Balham
– Playing the Train Sim game on my uncle’s XBox
– Having a fun day at school after the prize morning
– Doing the Xplorer Trail with my friend from school in Herschel Park
– Peppa Pig World and the bouncy castle
– Numberjacks on YouTube

Going to Peppa Pig World
– My Peppa bouncy castle
– The donut shop – my favourite is Chocolate Sprinkles
– All the toys that I got on my birthday!

June was such a cool month, I think July will have a hard job to beat it

How was your June?

Sabrina x




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