Me and Mine | July 2019

July – that went quick! We didn’t even taken a proper posed family photo – the only one that has us all is this birthday dinner one with my siblings. It was that Thursday in July, the crazy heatwave day at 37 degrees – Lily is there behind Tyler.


So what did we love in July? Off the top of my head – Tyler’s Sports Day, End of Term (yeah!), Lily’s end of year ballet/tap show, finding out Lily is starting Nursery in Autumn Term.

Tyler says he loved the Acton Depot fun day and starting the school holidays, doing the Circle Line of the tube challenge. The Bouncy Castle day at Brunel. Going trampolining and bowling with his best mate (and family) in Salt Hill Activity Centre. All the relaxing. That is his word of the month – RELAX!

All the birthday celebrations in the last week for my brother and sister (ie Uncle Zu and Aunty), relaxing at Nana’s house, the heat!

Me and the hubby’s Uxbridge date night, hehe.

Lily’s word of the month – “Maybe” and phrase of the month “Yeah, but”

They have loved watching our 2017 and 2018 Summer Holiday videos on YouTube. And I have loved watching chick-flick movies on YouTube. And reading chick-lit books again after finally paying my library fine!

That’s all I can remember – hot, hot, hot and winding down for the end of school. It is the best month, because you can’t wait for the summer holidays, and I am so happy the holidays are here!

How was your July? What did you love?

Sabrina x



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