Peppa Pig World

On Lily’s 3rd birthday we went to Peppa Pig World and we had SUCH a good time that I thought I’d write a post about it. Lily had been wanting to go here since about a year ago when she saw the Cupcake Girls’ YouTube video about their day here. So it was her dream come true to finally come here. It is the cutest theme park, perfect for little Peppa Pig fans. It’s part of Paulton’s Park, so the ticket lets you see all of the park, but we just spent our whole afternoon in Peppa Pig World because that’s what we wanted to see. It’s all walkable, so I’d say you don’t need a buggy if your toddler can walk. And all the rides were suitable for tots, but not too boring for older kids as Tyler (age 7) enjoyed it all too.


I’ll show you the rides we went on. They were all so bright and colourful, like Peppa Pig toys come to life! We went on a term-time weekday so luckily the queues were not long, like 5 minutes max. I don’t know what it would be like in the school holidays though. The first ride we went on was the Hot Air Balloon as it was the first one we saw as we entered.

Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride


The balloons go up and you can spin your booth around with the spinny thing in the middle. Which I don’t like because I get dizzy! Tyler says “We went round and round and round for like 15 minutes” (I don’t think it was 15 minutes!) Look at their happy faces though!


After this ride, we had some lunch, as it was about 12.30 and we were hungry after our long drive. We ate at Daddy Pig’s Big Tummy Cafe. They serve sandwiches and pasties, not much choice. There was a bigger restaurant at the entrance to Paulton’s Park but we wanted to be in Peppa Pig World. Food was pricey, usual theme park prices. We ate at the outdoor tables and some real ducks came up to us, almost begging for food with their pleading eyes! We gave them bread from our sandwiches. I also had a slush as it was a HOT day. Next to the cafe was the soft play which Lily was desperate to go in.


George’s Spaceship Playzone
This soft play is HUGE! Climbing frames, slides, a rocket to climb into that becomes a tunnel slide, a ‘recycling’ soft play section full of ball pit balls and all sorts of pipes. There was a smaller toddler section (pictured below), and another separate baby play area. There was more cafe seating on the side so on a rainy day, this is where to eat. Lily said the soft play was her favourite part of Peppa Pig World. She LOVED it. She also lost one of her birthday badges here – oops.


After that we went to meet Peppa and George, as the meet and greet was until 2pm, and it was around that time by the time we dragged the kids out of the soft play (just like in that episode!) This was our longest queue of the day, at about 10 minutes. Lily had a meltdown in the middle of the queue because she wanted to wear her cardi, even though it was meltingly hot that day! And then it was our turn and she was so happy, you would never have known she had a meltdown. Look at them holding Peppa and George’s hands. The sun was shining brightly into their eyes, that’s why Tyler has that face, but he was super happy too.


The meet and greet was next to Madame Gazelle’s house, so we went in there next.

Madame Gazelle’s School House
This isn’t a ride, it’s literally a photo shoot room, and it’s £10 to buy a photo. Lily freaked out – it was a little creepy in there to be honest. I think the kids were expecting to play in there, not pose for a photo at a camera hanging out of the ceiling. We didn’t buy the photo.


Grandpa Pig’s Boat Ride
1 adult and 2 kids can fit on a boat, so I went with them. Lily of course wanted a blue boat. The boats are on very shallow water, and go round and round, bobbing up and down. It’s cute!


Daddy Pig’s Car Ride
A chance to let the kids drive us around while G and I sat in the back seat! They weren’t really driving, it follows a track and the scenery is very bright and cheerful. There were lots of different coloured cars – yellow, orange, pink, blue, and some had a roof. Lily wanted blue!


Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club
This was my favourite ride as there was a real holiday feel to it! We were in circular boats with a roof (see pictured in the far left of the photo) and the boats spin round as they go along the route. It was so fun, and you get to see the characters as you sail by, as well as tropical palm trees.


The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride

Above Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club is the Queen’s Flying Coach Ride – a raised railway which you can see in the photo above. The entrance is up a staircase by the sailing ride. We hopped into a coach and had a ride, with a lovely view of the park from above. It doesn’t go all around the park, just the bit above the sailing club.

George’s Dinosaur Adventure

On this ride, if your child is above a certain height (I can’t remember how high), they have to ride alone. If your child is under a certain height, they have to sit on the upper ledge with an adult behind them. The dinosaur bobbed up and down as it went along the track. The kids really enjoyed it, and I think their dad did too! I think you’re not allowed to take photos while you are on this ride, as I guess maybe you’re supposed to have both hands holding on. A staff member was shouting out to a lady on a dinosaur “Put your phone away, that’s the third time I’ve asked you!”


We got ice creams after this from Miss Rabbit’s Ice Cream Parlour. They cost £2.50 each, so for the 4 of us, that cost £10! But they were much needed on that hot day, and they did taste good – it was some sort of posh brand, I can’t remember the name.


Grandpa’s Little Train

All around the park I thought I was hearing the “Wheels on the Bus go round and round” music, so I kept singing it. It’s only when I sat on this ride, I suddenly realised the music was for “Grandpa’s Little Train goes choo choo choo!” DUH! Anyway, this was the shortest ride I’d say, the train literally goes round the little track.


Windy Castle
Tyler’s favourite ride, and the one that seems to be the longest ride! And I don’t have a photo, I must have videoed it only. You sit in a cloud with a circular thing in the middle so you can spin it round, like the Big Balloon ride. But this one goes up and up, and then it goes up and down and round and round, and I got rather dizzy! The kids had the BEST time though, they loved it!!

Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Ride

This one takes a while to load people on, as they can load two helicopters at a time. Once ready, it goes round like a ferris wheel, and then it was over just like that.


Mr. Potato’s Playground

We left this til’ last, as once the rides stopped at 5pm, at least the play area would still be open. It’s a typical playground with slides and tunnels, bouncy things, little huts and a splash pad, but the difference is it has a RAINBOW road – love it! If you are super organised, bring a towel and swimwear for the kids to splash around.


Me and Mine Family Photo at Peppa Pig World taken in June 2019

Me and Mine June 2019

I do dislike it when theme parks close at 5pm, especially when people have travelled from far and paid quite a lot to get it. I think it closes at 5.30pm in the holidays, but 6pm would be far more reasonable. As a result we didn’t get to buy anything from the humungous Peppa Pig shop at the entrance as they had closed. We went in when we got in at 12pm, but thought we’d actually buy something at the end. I mean this shop is AMAZING, sooooooo much Peppa stuff – toys, clothing (kids and adult), picnicware, mugs. Oh well! The toilets were open though, and they were clean and the baby change room is huge. Thumbs up for the toilets. Wow, I can’t believe I’m ending this post with how the toilets were LOL!


Okay, if you’ve read this post and are now thinking “I WANT TO GO TO PEPPA PIG WORLD!”, here’s what you might need to know:

Where is it?
Peppa Pig World is just outside of Southampton, in the theme park called Paulton’s Park. We drove there from Slough and it took about 1 hour and 40 minutes along the M25/M3. I just put the postcode SO51 6AL into my Sat Nav and it was quite easy to find. There was a large car park and parking is free (unlike a certain other theme park, cough cough).

How much is it to get in?
If you pay on the day it is £35.75 each. If you book in advance online it costs £30.50, and you can show the QR code on your phone to get in. If your child is under 1 metre tall, they get in free. They measure your child at the gate.


I hope you found this useful. I loved reliving our day as I wrote this, as it really felt like a holiday. The sunny weather obviously helped, and of course the buzz from it being Lily’s actual 3rd birthday. Lily still walks around with her Peppa Pig World map, telling us the order of which rides we went on – she is literally reliving the day everyday, and she keeps saying she wants to go back at Christmas (there’s a little Christmas ad on the back of the map). Er, maybe…

If you have been before, let me know what you thought. And what was your favourite ride?

Sabrina x




3 responses to “Peppa Pig World

  1. Oh what a lovely post – so good to see such a great time had on a family day out! I can only imagine how much fun the kids had!
    Peppa Pig World is on our list of places for when Jackson’s older, though closing at 5pm and living quite far away I think we’ll have a stopover the night before so we can make the most of a full day there.

    K x


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