Siblings Project – November 2019 (and our Cotswolds break)

October to November has been all about pumpkins, Halloween and fireworks, settling into Autumn and getting used to the cold! We’ve admired the colours on the trees on the way to school, and enjoyed a break in the beautiful Cotswolds for half term. Here are Tyler and Lily’s photos from the month:

The trees making our school run so pretty mid-October. Now as I write this post, the leaves have all fallen off.


Enjoying the Ickenham Model Railway show in the local village hall.


First time pumpkin picking – we went to Garsons Farm in Surrey.


Hats and scarves on for the school run as the temperature drops.


A birthday party for one of Lily’s friends (Soft Play party at Salt Hill Activity Centre – well recommended).


Our first evening in Chipping Norton at The Fox.


And a tea room visit the next morning at The Chipping Norton Teaset.


Followed by a bus ride to Witney.


At Witney the kids enjoyed Adventure Golf.


Oxford Bus Museum the next day…


And then a stop off in Woodstock in the ‘Best coffee shop in Oxfordshire’ according to The Daily Telegraph – Woodstock Coffee Shop. It was very stylish in there, lovely big windows, and BIG babycinos.


Sitting in a secret reading room at a lovely bookshop in Chipping Norton called Jaffe & Neale.


Halloween party at The Fox.


Back in Slough, we enjoyed the fireworks display.


And since then it’s been so cold, its literally been school run and come back home!


The kids have been very good, playing together. They received a game called Spin to Sing from their cousin and they played it so much during our Cotswolds holiday, singing along to The Greatest Showman, Sing and Trolls songs. There have been squabbles over the iPad and the TV as usual, and sometimes their fights do my head in. I know it’s normal, but I do have to keep reminding Tyler that Lily is 3, she’s still a baby – sometimes you can’t reason with her. And he does get it sometimes. The cutest is in the morning when they wake up at 6am and I’m still sleeping. I find Tyler looks after Lily as he doesn’t want to wake me, getting her a cup of squash and getting out the brioche buns for them to snack on. It’s so sweet.

And that was our month. Hope you enjoyed the Halloween/fireworks/Diwali/pumpkin season!

Sabrina x




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