Classic Wooden Toys by Vertbaudet | Review

AD – There’s just something I love about wooden toys. The way they look, the craftsmanship, the sturdiness and the way they can ignite a child’s imagination, no matter what age. They are timeless and can last years of play. Vertbaudet do an amazing range of wooden toys, and they kindly sent us four to review. Read on to find out what we thought. Spoiler alert… we love them!

1) Train Circuit, 66 pieces

You probably know that Tyler is the ultimate kid train expert so we had to try out the vertbaudet Train Circuit set.


Our first impressions on this set was how modern it looks when compared to other wooden train sets – the sweet pastel colours and the use of fabric for the trees and bridge pieces. It looks lovely!


There are little wooden cylinders and yellow felt pieces to load on to the train carriages. The kids say the yellow felt is cheese, but I guess it can be anything a child imagines it to be. That’s the beauty of toys like this, how it encourages pretend play.


The set comes with 4 cars and 6 train carriages, and they are just beautiful. I would happily have the cars displayed on a shelf when the kids aren’t playing with it – how stylish do they look?! There is also 1 station, 1 bridge, 1 tunnel, 2 bridge supports, 4 lights, 6 trees as well as the track pieces.


There was one piece of assembly for me to do and that was to put the train station together using a screwdriver and it was quite easy to do. As for putting the track together, Tyler (age 7) used the instructions and did it himself. He loves making tracks and playing with trains, I think he will be playing with trains well into his adult years! I would definitely say wooden train sets are timeless.

2) Wooden Ice Cream Set

I knew I had to get the vertbaudet Wooden Ice Cream set for Lily (age 3). Whenever we go out, she loves to play in those ice cream vans you find in shopping centres, you know the ones I’m talking about? She’ll put on her market trader voice and say “Ice cream, ice cream! Who want’s an ice cream?” And now she can do this at home with this wooden play set.


It’s absolutely adorable, all the colour combinations. The set comes with an ice cream scoop, 3 macarons, 2 cones, 2 ice cream cups, 2 ice lollies and lots of flavour combinations to put on the cones and cups. Strawberry, banana, mint, chocolate… but again the flavours can be anything a child wants it to be.


I especially adore the cream filled macarons – just look at these sweet, sweet colours.


The other good thing that this ice cream set encourages is sharing. Lily is always making an ice cream for me, one for Tyler and one for herself. Whatever time of day!

3) Wooden Guitar

My kids seems to love music, so I thought maybe the kids would like this wooden guitar. It is so cute and looks really stylish in the home. And it is actually a real guitar – you can tune the 6 strings and it comes with a red pick


Lily has taken a particular shine to it, strumming along to The Greatest Showman while Tyler made some toast. The size of the guitar is perfect for her, it’s so diddy and cute. Who knows, maybe by having this guitar, it might encourage her to want to learn a musical instrument when she is older.


4) Wooden Toaster Set

Finally I want to tell you about the wooden toaster set. Lily, and actually all the toddlers, used to love playing with the toy toaster at playgroup – it was my ice breaker to get the tots to play. “Who wants to make some toast!” I would say. They loved it. So I knew the kids would love having their own wooden toaster set at home and this vertbaudet one is a really cool one.


It comes with 2 slices of toast, 3 knobs of butter, a butter tray, a knife and a carton of milk. As well as the toaster which has a lever so you can make the toast pop out, and a round dial like they do on real toasters. Now the kids pretend to make toast when we play “coffee shop” after school.


And that is our review of 4 amazing wooden toys from vertbaudet. Aren’t they gorgeous?! If you are a fan of wooden toys, it is definitely worth having a look at the range on the vertbaudet website, I was really impressed with the choice.

I hope you found this useful. And let me know if you own any vertbaudet products, I would love to hear in the comments what you think of them.

Sabrina x

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