Siblings Project – December 2019

The last Siblings Project post of the DECADE! How crazy is that?! As we go into the ’20s, the siblings end 2019 being very festive. Christmas tree is up and Christmas jumpers are on. There’s been the build up to their Christmas performances at school with lots of songs being practiced, and outside of school we have been out and about getting in the festive mood.


We have been going to Gerrards Cross once a week after school since September, and we were curious to see how they did Christmas there. The festive lights are on street lamps, a giant tree stands tall in the Tesco entrance and shops have put up decorations in their windows. The kids will only go to Caffe Nero now, snubbing Costa and Fego. They just feel at home here for some reason, and we love have a warm drink and a chocolate muffin/gingerbread man while we colour.


Over in Brackwell we visited the Lapland Wishing Store in the Lexicon which was absolutely magical. After that we literally spent the whole day there, with the kids particularly enjoying Fenwicks toy department.


The following week we went to Reading after school and it is looking so festive in the outside area of the Oracle. The kids loved our night time adventure here – it is such a unique time of year when you want it to be dark so you can see the lights.


We also went into Uxbridge town centre one weekend, having a look at the Christmas market and trying out the new waffle place. Ice cream in December? Yes we did!


Our home town of Slough put on a Festive Fun weekend which included a land train ride up and down the High Street. Tyler was very happy about that.


We went into Windsor on the same evening to check out Windsor on Ice. The kids had loads of fun, going on a couple of rides and posing for photos in these cardboard cutouts.


We had dinner in the station afterwards and pranced around taking photos while we waited for our train home.


Looking back at these photos makes me realise how much fun we have had in the build up to Christmas, despite it being freezing cold. The kids are still singing Christmas songs, and I will kind of miss them come January. I hope you have been enjoying the festive period too.

Sabrina x


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