Siblings Project – January 2020

January 2020 still sounds like a date in the future to me, like way in the future when everything should look futuristic and we fly everywhere on floating roller skates! But nope, it is the actually present day and life is pretty normal. I’ve not been very good at keeping the blog updated and I need to get back on it. The Siblings Project is one that I want to continue each month, as I do like looking back on them and children grow up so quickly. This one will cover 15th December 2019 – 14th January 2020. The reason for that is there used to be a linky all us bloggers joined in on the 15th of each month. That has since stopped but I’m carrying on with the posts for our family. This post is going to be a lot of photos as it was the Christmas hols, starting off with some Slough activities.

There was a free Christmas crafts afternoon at Home Slough which the kids got stuck into.

Over in Uxbridge we visited Santa’s Workshop at Smiths Nurseries (the garden centre), which was really good. It was £2 entry per person, and it was worth it I would say. Worth keeping in mind for next Christmas.

On Christmas Eve we went for a walk in Herschel Park.

It was a long walk especially for Lily, and the siblings were arguing because Tyler wanted to go to Starbucks but Lily wanted to go to Costa. And we need to get back in time for Frozen which was on BBC1 at 3pm!

We made it though – phew.

Obligatory Christmas tree photo.

And of course leaving out goodies for Santa and the reindeer that evening. I had never seen the kids so excited to go to sleep. Well Tyler at least, Lily is still not sure about Santa. It is a bit creepy when you think about it! 

Christmas Day was spent at my mother-in-law’s and Boxing Day at my parents. And presents were opened at last.

The week in between Christmas Day and News Years Day (known as Twixmas) was spent with lots of random outings as Dada was off work. Soft Play at Salt Hill.

Followed by ice cream in Slough’s new instagram pink Gelatos on the Farnham Road.


Okay I’m putting the text all here because this is taking forever – no wonder I stopped blogging! Agh!! My laptop is so slow and it’s really hard doing it on my phone instead, but here goes. We went to Reading Winter in Ice, catching the purple train there. NYE we went raving at Raver Tots. New Years Day we went for a walk around Saville Gardens and then a ride on the carousel. We went jumping at Rush Trampoling in High Wycombe a few days later and lunched at Cafe Zest inside House of Fraser. Last day before school we made pizza from scratch. After school started, that weekend we visited friends on the east side of London and Lily called my friend’s son her other brother – so I had to include the photo in this siblings post. Lastly the kids went to the dentist for the first time together and loved it. Their teeth are great – yes!!

Now I promise to actually write the next post on the 15th February – and maybe choose just ONE photo. Ha ha, yeah right!

Sabrina x


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