Lockdown Week 6

When you say “Lockdown Week 6”, I will remember it as the week it was Dada’s birthday, the week I made our own Costa coffee shop, the week I made Ikea meatballs and the week I took loads of pretty floral photos as we come to the last few weeks of spring.

Dada’s birthday was obviously a day at home as we are in lockdown. I blew up balloons and we gave Dada the cards we made earlier in the week at our home Costa. In the afternoon Lily and I made a birthday cake. We had a disco at the end of the day which was so much fun, raving to the Sing album with our disco lights on.

This is a photo of the Costa coffee shop I have made for us – this menu I created with chalk pens makes it feel like the real thing. I love sitting here with the blinds open, facing the sign, looking out of the window with my coffee pretending I’m really at Costa. It’s the little things.

Monday’s homeschool revolved around a Zoo Vet story, and I just love this photo of Lily playing zoo vet with her toys.

Tyler finished off his Berlin leaflet that he had started working on from the previous week. He is so proud of it. This is one side, the other side has a map and other information.

Ikea meatballs – I made them with lamb mince, and the Swedish sauce is A-MAZ-ING. You have to try it. The recipe is on the Ikea Instagram page.

Oh yeah, I mentioned we made a birthday cake. It was a Betty Crocker packet mix, Cherry Bakewell. Very very sweet so we didn’t eat too much of it. But it looked and smelt good! I also had to improvise with the candle…

On Wednesdays we take part in the All the Stations crafting on YouTube (you know Geoff and Vicki, the train people) This week we made stationmaster hats from paper. Such a good idea!

I’ve been printing off colouring sheets a lot too, the kids love colouring so much.

I will end this post with some pretty outdoor photos. We’ve been going outside for a walk almost every evening around sunset time. It’s quieter then and it’s a lovely way to end the day after G finishes work. It tires the kids out just before bedtime, so they actually sleep deeply through the whole night (Lily used to wake in the middle of the night before and climb into our bed, but she hasn’t since we’ve been doing these walks).

Also, I have loved discovering our own area – there are some beautiful spots that I can’t believe he hadn’t discovered before.

We found a field of buttercups.

A carpet of pink blossom

So much colour on a solo Mummy and Tyler walk (it was Friday and Lily wanted to stay home in her pjs)

And a field of reeds. Absolutely magical getting lost in these reeds.

The nature and flowers in Slough are so unexpectedly beautiful that I think I need to write a separate blog post with more photos. Perhaps it seems more beautiful because there are no people.

Obviously I’ve only written about the positives here. We are missing our family, don’t get me wrong, and we still feel incredibly sad about coronavirus taking people’s lives, and anxious, nervous to go out. But we try to stay as safe as possible and video chat with family and friends a lot to stay connected.

Staying positive is the best way to keep yourself mentally healthy – so remember the good times from your weeks of lockdown, take photos, and take time to look after yourself and each other. I will be waking up earlier this week so I have some time to myself before the day properly starts.

Stay safe.

Sabrina x


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