Lockdown Weeks 7 and 8

Just a snapshot of the past two weeks of lockdown, a photo a day. Homeschool has changed to Google classrooms and there is a lot more work to do. I have had to teach fractions, counting money, science, spellings, poetry and similes. Lily has had a story theme each week – Starry Eyed Stan last week and Treasures in the Garden this week. She is obsessed with Numberblocks and colouring by numbers.

Tyler’s birthday was last Friday so there was a lot of preparation to make it a fun day for him. I will write about his birthday in a separate post. It was also a bank holiday Friday with it being VE Day’s 75th anniversary. On Sunday night changes to the lockdown rules were announced in England, bringing a degree of anxiety.

Week 8 of lockdown was spent concentrating on homeschool and having an outside walk every couple of days – Lily is hard work to convince to come out, so sometimes it’s just easier to stay home. Disney movie theme of the week is Aladdin and the songs are stuck in our heads. The sofa bed is out as I write this, as Lily is all for the ‘relaxing’ mode of life.

Tuesday – Week 7

Blossom that was red like cherries

Wednesday – Week 7

A field as pink as candy floss

Thursday – Week 7

Last day as a 7-year-old

Friday – Week 7

Online birthday party

Saturday – Week 7

Lily’s nail salon opens for business

Monday – Week 8

Family video chat with a pirate

Tuesday – Week 8

A sunny t-shirt for a sunny boy

Wednesday – Week 8

The last All The Stations live crafting session

Thursday – Week 8

Sunset family walk

Friday – Week 8

Cheesy muffins


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